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Married At First Sight's Sophie shares how ADHD diagnosis changed her life

Married At First Sight's Sophie shares how ADHD diagnosis changed her life

Sophie's ADHD made it difficult to film

Married At First Sight UK star Sophie Brown has opened up about her recent ADHD diagnosis, which she received while filming the reality show.

Sophie, who married Jonathan Wileman in this year's series, first began noticing symptoms when she started working from home in 2020, and caught herself getting easily distracted.

Later that year, the 26-year-old went to the doctors to let them know she was 'really struggling', and was put on a waiting list. But it wasn't until two years later, while she was filming MAFS, that she got invited in for a consultation.

And a few months after her consultation, she was officially diagnosed with ADHD.

After wrapping up this season of the hit reality series, Sophie took to her Instagram Story to discuss her struggles with ADHD, in the hopes of spreading awareness.

"If you’re a competent person at school or work you don’t always necessarily feel like you have ADHD because you’re still functioning, that’s called high functioning which is what I am", she said.

"You live your day to day life but you have an internal battle with the things that are going on, so lack of focus, I get very easily distracted, I get major brain fog."

Now, Sophie is on medication for her ADHD, and can manage day-to-day tasks much easier.

"I’m still very competent and I get things done, but I have to battle with it", she said.

"As an adult and as woman it can show itself in different ways... I’m still on the journey finding out what works for me."

Sophie was married to Jonathan, but they didn't last.

During her time on the show, Sophie appeared to have a good thing going with Jonathan, but as the series came to an end, so did their relationship.

At the final vow exchange, Jonathan said: "Sophie would like it to work more than me. I'm struggling with how I feel and for me there is still that passion missing."

While the reality star was hopeful that she and Jonathan could make it work, the pair did end up going their separate ways.

The two promised to remain friends, and Jonathan even admitted that he wouldn't rule out having something 'more' with Sophie one day.

In fact, only two couples actually made it past the altar and all the way to the reunion after a seriously dramatic season.

George and April and Gemma and Zoe are the only two couples that we might get to see more of in the future. The others are history. At least for now...

Married At First Sight UK is available to watch on All 4.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/sophiehlbrown

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