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Married At First Sight UK's Adam Compared To Love Island's Jake After Date Confession

Married At First Sight UK's Adam Compared To Love Island's Jake After Date Confession

Adam and Tayah have already dropped the L-bomb - but fans aren't buying it.

Married At First Sight is pretty intense by its very concept. We mean, you're literally meeting your future spouse at the end of the aisle, so there's no time for taking it slow.

But fans of the TV show at home weren't buying one pair of contestants' love confession on their honeymoon, a matter of days after the couple had met.

As Adam and Tayah sat down for a romantic final meal, they admitted they were already smitten with each other - and Adam led the way in making a surprising confession.

He told Tayah that despite the amount of days it had been, he already loved her.

And a blushing Tayah was quick to say it back.

Tayah told Adam she loves him too (

Reacting on Twitter, fans couldn't help but doubt the comments, questioning Adam's intentions for bringing up the intensity of his feelings so soon.

One Twitter user even made a comparison to Love Island's Jake Cornish, referencing when he went in deep with Liberty Poole at the start of their journey.

Sharing a picture of Adam alongside the ITV dating show contestant, who was widely ridiculed during the most recent season, they wrote: "Spot the difference.... I'm not buying this guys ridiculously early ' I love you' #MAFSUK #MarriedAtFirstSightUK".


"What ????? Saying I love you on the honeymoon???? Red flag alert #MAFSUK," another agreed.

"They love each other! It’s been about a week! Wtf Adam and Tayah! #MAFSUK #MAFS," someone else wrote after watching the scene unfold.

Much like was the case for Jake and Lib, a fellow viewer predicted feelings that shot up so fast had to come crashing down, joking: "Telling someone you love them on your honeymoon, a week after you’ve met them… what could possibly go wrong? And… LET’S MAKE A BABY?????

"You say whirlwind romance, I say tornado romance #MAFSUK".

Fans thought the confession could be a red flag (


While it remains to be seen how Adam and Tayah work out, and how genuine their feelings really are, they seemed pretty into each other on their honeymoon.

The couple admitted that they'd taken things further in the bedroom, and couldn't keep their hands off each other on their dates.

Will they go the distance when their 'love' is put to the test at the dinner party amongst all the other couples tomorrow night?

Will Tayah mind the fact that Adam has never had a girlfriend, and will self-confessed playboy Adam still be interested when he realises how important it is to Tayah to start a family - and soon...?!

Featured Image Credit: E4