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Married at First Sight UK star Lara Eyre finally reveals who her Hollywood ex is

Married at First Sight UK star Lara Eyre finally reveals who her Hollywood ex is

He really is famous!

Married at First Sight UK contest Lara Eyre has finally given us what we wanted and revealed the name of her famous ex.

The 49-year-old waitress appeared in this year’s series alongside Richie Dews.

Unfortunately, the pair didn’t find love and once their final episode aired last week, Lara has been answering questions from fans on Instagram.

In response to the question: “Who’s your famous ex?” Lara replied: “I may have dated someone from Sons of Anarchy.”

The critically acclaimed biker series had a large number of actors on its roster, and fans searched the internet to find clues.

Lara has revealed the name of her famous ex.

Lara has now confirmed she dated Charlie Hunnam who not only starred in Sons of Anarchy between 2008 and 2014, he also rose to fame playing one of the leads in the Channel 4 drama Queer as Folk from 1999-2000.

“It’s Charlie Hunnam,” she shared in an interview with The Sun. “I dated Charlie Hunnam for a while, he was lovely and I’ve always had a soft spot for him.”

The former model and dancer also shared a few details about how the former couple met. “I was friends with Anthony Cotton who is on Coronation Street, and he was filming Queer as Folk.

Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy.
AJ Pics/Alamy Stock Photo

"I saw Charlie on the television and I said, 'That guy is so hot, I have to be introduced,' so he introduced us and that's how we got together.

“He was a bit younger than me and it started after he finished filming the first season Queer As Folk, and we were kind of seeing each other as the second one started."

Lara went on to reveal the pair lived in different parts of the world, with the MAFS UK star in Tokyo and Thailand and Charlie residing in America.

Lara and Richie left the show early.

They eventually split before Charlie’s big Hollywood break and after Lara changed her number the pair lost contact.

Charlie has been in a relationship with jewellery designer Morgana McNelis since 2007.

Lara, who is originally from Canada, has been married and divorced twice and has led a luxury lifestyle, once flying from Japan to New York just for dinner.

The mum-of-two’s relationship role models are her parents who have been married for 51 years and are one another’s best friend. Lara says they are madly in love all these years later.

When she joined MAFS UK, Lara had been single for 12 years. She was paired with 51-year-old Richie who worked in the music industry for 23 years.

Featured Image Credit: E4 Instagram/thelaraeyre

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