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Luca's Grandmas Talk About The Possibility Of Him Having Sex On TV

Luca's Grandmas Talk About The Possibility Of Him Having Sex On TV

His grandmas didn't hold back when they discussed the possibility of their grandson getting down and dirty on Love Island

Love Island is famed for the bedroom antics of its contestants, but no one wants to see their relatives get down and dirty. 

Now, Luca Bish’s grandmas have opened up about the possibility that he could have sex on national television on TikTok. Watch here:

In recent years, the contestants have been sure to make their antics as subtle as possible, and in a separate interview with the Sunday People, his Grandma Rosa added that she wouldn’t stop watching the show.

She said: “I’m not really old-fashioned. If they’re not doing it in front of you, then they’re doing it behind your back. No, I wouldn’t cover my eyes if it was on TV.

“It’s under the cover anyway. You never see. They cover each other. It’s nothing to worry about.”

Luca and Gemma.

The 23-year-old fishmonger is currently coupled up with international dressage rider Gemma Owen, who is also the daughter of former England football player Michael Owen. 

Rosa also opened up about her grandson’s best feature, telling the news outlet that it is his cheeky personality.

She then recalled some of his funny antics as a child. 

She said: “Luca is such a good boy but I’ll never forget when he was four he hid in the wardrobe for three hours.

“I couldn’t find him. I had checked the wardrobe but he’d hidden so well.

“I called his mum and the police. Then when I said the police were coming I heard a little rustling…

“Also, when he was small, a Percy Pig sweet got stuck in his hair and I had to cut it out. His mum wasn’t impressed when she collected him and a chunk of his gorgeous hair was gone.”

Luca with his arms around Gemma.

Rosa said that she's glad her grandson decided to go on the show as it's given him a chance to show off 'the best of him' to other people.

“I’m very happy he went to Love Island,” she admitted. “I think he’s done a good job, it means people can see the best of him.”

The revelations come after Gemma hit the headlines after accidentally calling him her ex-boyfriend's name, Jacques.

The mistake unsurprisingly received a strong reaction on social media, with some speculating that it was an unconscious sign that Gemma wants to return to her ex.

"This Gemma calling Luca 'Jacques' thing looks like something recycled from a soap opera. Is this for real? Gemma is going back to Jacques we all know it. Quit playing," one person wrote.

A second agreed, adding: “I kinda want Gemma and Jacques to get back together just to watch Luca burn down the entire villa.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9:00pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@claudiaworks/ITV

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