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Love Island fans just spotted moment Luca got green light to chat to Gemma

Love Island fans just spotted moment Luca got green light to chat to Gemma

How did we miss this?

Love Island fans are just spotting the moment Luca was 'allowed' to chat to Gemma in the villa.

How did we miss this? You can watch the clip below:

In the video, shared on a Reddit thread, Luca can be seen sat around the fire pit with Tasha and Ekin-Su, when Gemma walks over.

Immediately, Luca asks Gemma if she fancies going for a chat, but she seems quite surprised.

"Do you wanna go for a stroll?" Luca asks.

"Us?" Says Gemma, to which Luca seems to reply: "Yeah we're allowed..."

It appears Luca could have been referring to something he spoke about this week, in an interview with Grazia.

During the chat, Luca spoke about claims that he only decided to get to know Gemma after finding out about her famous dad, Michael Owen.

Addressing this, he said: "Listen, I've been to their house and seen all his trophies - they date back to before I was born. Besides have you seen that girl? I couldn't of care less about all that.

"I actually wanted to pull Gemma from the start but they [producers] kept holding me back so I could focus on the connections I had at the time."

Gemma and Luca were runners up in this year's Love Island.

Earlier on in the series, Luca had initially been getting to know Tasha and Paige, but after his chat with Gemma, the pair hit it off and ended up finishing as runners up in the whole series.

And viewers can't believe they never spotted the scene earlier, with one person writing on Reddit: "I totally missed this before."

Others said it made sense as to why their first chat was quite full on. One wrote: "This also explains why their first chat was immediately so intense."

And another wrote: "Hence Indiyah saying, I thought everyone knew luca fancied gemma!

"Also gemma cuddling with luca night one versus building a barricade with both davide and Liam. Also paige confirming that night they had a connection even prior to their first proper chat.

"The clues were there we just have it confirmed now via Luca's interview!"

The pair hit it off after their initial chat.

This week, Luca also addressed some of his behaviour towards Gemma in the villa.

If you cast your mind back to Movie Night - where the contestants had their relationship put to the test by watching video footage from Casa Amor - you might recall Luca reacting to bombshell Billy and Gemma speaking.

Now, Luca has spoken about his reaction during the episode, admitting that he ‘lost it’ towards the end of the series.

"A lot of those moments where I lost it came at the end of the show and by that point, my emotions and everything - I was drained of it all," he told Grazia.

You can read more on that here.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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