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New Love Island Trailer Rinses Millie's Piano Performance

New Love Island Trailer Rinses Millie's Piano Performance

We're obsessed.

Love Island fans are in stitches after the first teaser trailer for the ITV series officially dropped, with a hilarious jab at last year's winner, Millie Grace Court.

Ahead of the launch of this year's highly-anticipated series, the Love Island team made a point to remind fans that there's nothing quite like the original.

Watch here:

In the style of Monty Python, the teaser trailer sees a giant animated foot stomp down on a television, announcing the return of the fan-favourite series.

Clearly marketing itself as the OG love-focused reality series, the trailer then shows the Love Island villa's swimming pool, with an adorable little animated version of Millie playing the keyboard.

Fans who tuned in last year will remember the side-splitting moment when Millie earnestly sat at a little keyboard to play a rather choppy rendition of Ed Sheeran's Perfect during the islanders' talent show.

While some contestants sang, others tried their hand at stand-up, but the biggest talking point was Millie's adorable submission, making for one of the season's most meme-worthy moments.

Millie's keyboard performance last season was nothing short of iconic. (

After spotting the little animation of Millie playing the keyboard in her pink gown, fans took to social media to discuss the hysterical detail.

"Millie on the keyboard has me dead," tweeted one fan.

A second sceptical Love Island viewer added: "Genuinely unsure if i can put myself through this year (although i am already cry laughing at little animated millie on the keyboard)."

A third simply wrote: "not millie on the keyboard."

Discussing it on Reddit, another fan commented: "Once something's on the internet, it’s there forever."

Mini Millie had fans in stitches. (

A second character later appeared in the teaser clip, diving into the pool in the style of season five's unforgettable 'salmon' jump.

Former contestants from the 2019 season Chris Taylor and Jordan Hames were the main culprits of the ridiculous 'salmon' dive, which obviously needed to feature in the new advert.

We can't wait to witness even more memorable – and memeable – moments this summer!

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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