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Love Island Fans Baffled By Summer's Changing Accent

Love Island Fans Baffled By Summer's Changing Accent

Wait... isn't she from Hertford?

Love Island fans are seriously confused after hearing islander Summer Botwe switch to an American accent after she was asked to go on a date with Adam Collard, and later while chatting to Josh Samuel.

Check it out here:

The bombshell, who came into the villa during Casa Amor and coupled up with Dami Hope, is among the villa's single girls at the moment.

After watching him get to know the likes of Paige, Ekin-Su, Danica, and Tasha, Summer was visibly shocked when Adam chose her to be one of his three dates on the Hideaway terrace in tonight's (13 July) episode.

Summer was among three girls picked to go on a date with Adam.

As Summer walked through the Tunnel of Love into the Hideaway with Adam, fans heard her switch from her English accent to an American one.

Viewers took to Twitter as soon as they heard the 22-year-old use an American twang when she was commenting on the sexy Hideaway bedroom as she walked through it to get to the terrace with Adam.

"Did Summer always have an accent?" asked one fan.

"What up with Summer and this American accent? #LoveIsland" asked a second.

Pointing to Summer's failed romance with Dami, a third joked: "Summer trying a new accent so she gets another chance with the guys"

Summer switched accents when she went to the Hideaway with Adam.

"Ok but what is Summer doing with those accents #LoveIsland", a fourth baffled viewer asked.

"Summer I beg you don’t do that American accent again", tweeted a fifth.

However, some were quick to speak out in Summer's defence, arguing that she was probably 'nervous' for her date with Adam.

"Y’all leave Summer alone, the accent thing is obviously a nervous reaction", one tweet read.

"I’m going to assume Summer does this accent when she’s nervous lmao", added another.

When their date wrapped, Adam had dates with both Danica, who taught him some salsa dance moves, and Paige, who is still a little bit raw after Jacques's shock departure on Tuesday.

But who will Adam pick to couple up with?

Luckily, Adam seemed unfazed by Summer's accent choice.

Later on in the episode, viewers heard Summer whip out the US accent once again while flirting with Josh Samuel by the pool.

To make matters worse for viewers, Josh joined in on the accent play, too.

"Am I watching American Love Island" complained one viewer.

"#LoveIsland [didn't] know these two were American" a second sarcastically added.

Cringe as it might have been, could this be a sign of a new romantic connection brewing in the villa?

Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVHub.

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