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Love Island Fans Outraged After Luca 'Pushes' Gemma Away During Challenge

Love Island Fans Outraged After Luca 'Pushes' Gemma Away During Challenge

Viewers were not happy.

Love Island fans were outraged during Tuesday (26 July) evening's episode, after Luca appeared to 'push' Gemma away during the Mile High challenge.

Tuesday's ep saw the islanders take part in the Mile High task, which saw the girls dress up as air hostesses and 'prep the boys for departure, give a full safety briefing and offer refreshments' before joining their partner for a private Mile High Club moment.

Luca appeared to 'push' Gemma away during the Mile High challenge.

But when it was Gemma's turn, Luca appeared to 'push' her away after she licked Adam's neck as part of the challenge.

"When I came up to you in the challenge you pushed me off," said Gemma, when the pair were discussing what happened afterwards.

"That was banter," said Luca, who admitted it 'wasn't nice to see' Gemma 'licking other boys'.

But viewers were not happy with Luca's response, with one person writing on Twitter: "Did Luca really just push Gemma away like that."

While another said: "Did Luca actually just push Gemma like that."

And a third added: "What was that push for's a challenge."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "Did Luca really need to push Gemma like that? He is next level at sulking."

The islanders took part in the Mile High challenge.

In other Love Island news, we told you how the show's producers have been accused of staging a 'ghost edit' of Luca and Gemma ahead of the final.

Ever since Gemma and Luca first coupled up, they had been a solid pair in the villa and haven't once risked being dumped from the island.

Although everyone has made it clear to Luca that he probably likes Gemma more than she likes him, the couple are clearly a match.

But more recently, some fans have started to theorise that Gemma and Luca are appearing less and less on their TV screens, or receiving a 'ghost edit' from producers as the final looms.

Could Luca and Gemma be on the rocks?

Posting to Facebook fan group 'Love Island Banter 2022', one suspicious user laid it all out on the table for their fellow fans.

They complained: "It's the last week of the show, and a crucial stage in the game. Somehow all the focus and screen time has been given to Davide and Ekin Su. In contrast, Luca and Gemma are being phased out and given very minimal airtime or what we call a 'ghost edit.'"

You can read more on that here.

Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2.

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