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Love Island Viewers Furious Over Jacques' Comments About Mollie

Love Island Viewers Furious Over Jacques' Comments About Mollie

Fans were furious over the comments.

Love Island viewers were left furious over comments made by Jacques during Tuesday (5 July) evening's episode.

Viewers will know that with the girls still in Casa Amor, the boys have been getting to know the new girls. But fans were not impressed when Jacques, who has been having conversations with Mollie, made a comment about her height.

You can watch a clip below:

After having had chats with Mollie earlier in the day, as the islanders are getting ready for the evening, Jacques can be seen lying on his bed, telling Dami: "She looks too tall tonight I can't even chat to her. She's got eight foot heels on mate."

Dami responds by suggesting Jacques 'asks her to sit down'.

But viewers watching at home weren't impressed at the comments, with one writing on Twitter: "Just cause a girl’s looking tall jacques doesn’t want to talk to her hmmm."


And a third added: "Who cares if she looks tall?? tell her to sit down??!!"

Jacques said Mollie looked 'too tall'.

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "Jacques can’t talk to Mollie bc she’s too tall tonight?"

The comment came shortly before a preview to Wednesday's episode appeared to show Jacques moving in for a kiss with Cheyanne.

It comes as Andrew has been getting to know Coco, while Davide has kissed Coco and Mollie, Jay has kissed Chyna and Dami has kissed Summer.

Viewers are gutted that the boys have been sharing so many kisses with the new girls, with one writing: "So who are we voting out next? Dami? Jacques? Davide? Andrew? Because at this point they all have to go."

While another said: "This is the first year I absolutely hate casa amor…. Why do the guys have to see it as a test??? Where has loyalty and being genuine gone???"

Some viewers are not impressed over what some of the boys have been getting up to.

And a third added: "I’m so confused as to why all these dudes in love island think they have to test their connections with girls they like by hooking up with another girl? Isn’t the test to decide NOT to hook up with the other girl? Like dude, you already failed the test!"

"Why do the boys think they need to kiss someone else to 'test' their feelings? If you liked someone, you wouldn’t think of kissing anyone else," said a fourth.

Meanwhile over at Casa Amor, Tuesday's ep saw Tasha share a kiss with Billy, meanwhile Danica had a kiss with Josh.

Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2.

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