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Love Island Fans Left 'Uncomfortable' As Gemma And Davide Discuss Kids

Love Island Fans Left 'Uncomfortable' As Gemma And Davide Discuss Kids

Gemma and Davide's coupling up has been a rather divisive subject over the last few days.

Fans have taken to Twitter following last night's (8 June) episode of Love Island, admitting they felt 'uncomfortable' over Gemma Owen and Davide Sanclimenti's first date conversation.

You can watch a clip below:

Ever since Davide entered the villa and started 'getting to know' Gemma, the couple's age gap has been a very divisive topic of conversation.

While 10 of the new islanders coupled up at the start of the first episode – as chosen by the public – 'Italian snack' Davide entered the villa later that day, wowing pretty much all of the girls.

Even before Gemma, 19 and Davide, 27, had coupled up, the pair shared a kiss during a task – and viewers were so horrified they threatened to complain to Ofcom.

Now, with the pair officially coupled up and enjoying their first date, fans were growing increasingly uncomfortable at one particular topic of conversation – how many kids they want.

The couple went on their first date.

In the clip, Davide asks Gemma if she wants to get married. Gemma says she does, one day, and that she would like to have four kids.

Davide disagrees, explaining he would like to have two but offering to meet in the middle and have three.

But viewers at home were not loving the chat, with one writing: "Davide and Gemma talking about kids and marriage made me so uncomfortable."

Another said: "Omds how is davide and gemma talkin about marriage & kids like really. Stop."

A third added: "27 year old Davide asking 19 year old Gemma how many kids she wants..."

Others have been defending the couple, however, with many seeing no issue with the age gap. One wrote: "Might just be me but I honestly don’t see why it’s such a big deal that Davide is a bit older than Gemma. So many people are in relationships with age gaps. And also she’s an adult."

Viewers are divided over the age gap.

Another wrote: "I literally don't understand why it's such a big deal that Gemma is 19 and Davide 27?"

A third said: "I don’t get the big deal about ages difference between Gemma and Davide, she’s 19 not a child!"

Elsewhere in Wednesday's Love Island, viewers have been praising Luca Bish for calling out Andrew Le Page after he told Tasha Ghouri that she wasn’t one of Luca's ‘top three’ women in the villa. 

You can read all about that drama here.

Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2.

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