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Love Island Fans Call Faye Their 'Spirit Animal' In Iconic Bombshell Moment

Love Island Fans Call Faye Their 'Spirit Animal' In Iconic Bombshell Moment

An unbothered legend.

Love Island got exceptionally juicy on Wednesday night, as we saw one departure and a new arrival.

Things got emotional for the Islanders when Brad decided to bow out the villa, after he and Lucinda were voted ‘the least compatible’ couple.

And while Lucinda wore a black hoodie around the villa like some sort of war widow, things suddenly seemed a whole lot more cheery when the Islanders had to compete in a task to win themselves a new bombshell to spice up the villa.

You can see Faye's reaction below.

As the boys took victory in the Stags vs Hens challenge, the boys won themselves new bombshell Andrea-Jane, who strutted into the villa.

The girls were forced to watch from the villa terrace, leaving many of them to guess which boys will see their head turned.

But not all the girls were particularly fussed, with Faye choosing to file her nails on the terrace rather than watch the boys crack on with yet another new blonde bombshell.

And people loved the 26-year-old’s entirely unbothered attitude, quickly taking to Twitter to announce Faye as their new Love Island favourite.

Faye? Unbothered, mate (

“Faye filing her nails? She’s my favourite,” one person wrote.

“Faye filing her nails whilst the girls wait for the new girl is a pure mood,” laughed a second, while a third said: “Faye just told me I need to keep a nail filer in my bag at all times in case I need to act unbothered on demand. LOVE IT!”

Fans loved Faye's hilarious response to the new bombshell (

Others claimed Faye was their ‘spirit animal’, as she continues to ramp up the drama in the show.

“Faye is just my spirit animal so unbothered!” one person laughed, while another chimed in: “Faye is actually my favourite person in the villa, she just says it how it is, and it’s hilarious.”

Others loved Faye's energy (

Though perhaps Faye should be a little more bothered, as new girl AJ has her eyes on Teddy – which would put Faye at risk.

We're all Faye right now (

“There is something about Teddy,” she said. “He’s a bit of me. In terms of being adventurous and spontaneous, I think we’d get on really well.” 

Love Island continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox.


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