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Love Island Fans Are Convinced Luca Has Worked Out Who Gemma's Dad Is

Love Island Fans Are Convinced Luca Has Worked Out Who Gemma's Dad Is

Contestant Gemma is the daughter of former England player Michael Owen, and Love Island fans are convinced one contestant has worked it out

Love Island has featured a handful of contestants over the years with links to famous faces and this year is no exception.

Gemma, 19, an international dressage rider, is the daughter of former England footballer Michael Owen.

Gemma's been dropping subtle hints as to who her father is, and fans are convinced that one of the Islanders has finally worked it out.

Namely, fishmonger Luca Bish, 23, who Gemma began flirting with in last night’s (9 June) episode. Watch below: 

The pair got to know each other better on the balcony and as they chatted, Gemma speculated that her dad would approve of the 23-year-old most out of all the boys.  

She said: "You, because you're sporty, you're into football, into racing, I think my dad... I feel like you'd have stuff in common."

Luca then asked: "Would me and your dad like go out and do things together, or does he not get close?"

Gemma replied: "He was quite close with my first boyfriend and I think he sort of appreciates a guy who is into sport and all that sort of stuff. I've heard you talking about football, racing, and I'm like..."

Luca said: "Yeah, I enjoy playing football, I know what I'm talking about with football so we'll see if he [Gemma's father] knows what he's talking about..."

Luca thinking about Gemma's dad.
ITV / Love Island

This comment prompted users to speculate that Luca has put two and two together and realised that Gemma is Michael Owen’s daughter.

One wrote: "Nah Luca 100% knows who Gemma's dad is #LoveIsland."

A second added: “Luca knows exactly who her dad is. That’s why he’s going on about football all the time ‘would me and your dad go out and do stuff together?’ he’s after her dad, not her [sic].”

A third wrote: "Luca knows Gemma dad is Michael Owen #LoveIsland [sic]."

A fifth added: “Luca deffo knows michael owen is gemma’s dad. probs has his poster on his wall [sic].”

However, not everyone believed that Luca has worked it out yet and speculated that he’ll be mortified when he does.

One Twitter user wrote: “Luca is gonna be MORTIFIED when he finds out he said ‘let’s see if he knows a thing or two’ about Michael Owen hahahah.”

A second added: “Luca saying to Gemma ‘let’s see if your dad knows what he’s talking about’ re football. 

“His face when he finds out her dad’s Michael Owen, and realises he definitely doesn’t know anything about football.”

Do you think Luca’s worked out Gemma’s secret? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: Credit: ITV / Love Island

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