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Love Island Fans Shocked As Paige's Mum Drops Jacques Bombshell

Love Island Fans Shocked As Paige's Mum Drops Jacques Bombshell

Paige's mum had some is 'not buying' her relationship with Adam.

Love Island fans were taken by complete surprise when Paige Thorne's mum visited her in the villa tonight (31 June), and had some very interesting things to say about her relationships with Adam Collard and Jacques O'Neill.

Ahead of the final on Monday, the remaining ten islanders were paid a very special visit from their parents to get their thoughts on their relationships - and they did not hold back.

Sitting down with her dad - who has refused to watch his daughter cracking on in the villa - mum, Paige was eager to find out what they thought of her blossoming romance with Adam.

Paige wasn't expecting to hear her mum's reaction.

After taking a long pause to think about her answer, Paige's mum whispered: "I'm not buying it."

As if that wasn't enough of a shock for Paige to hear, the Welsh paramedic was at a loss for words when her mum confessed that she had preferred her with Jacques.

She said: "The way you were with Jacques was completely different. You were a lot more you, and full of life and personality. You just seemed a lot different with Jacques."

Taking it all on board, Paige replied: "He did bring out a different side of me - bubbly and laughing and all that, but there were some bits that were really not ok. With Adam, he's so much more chilled out and down to earth."

Speaking in the Beach Hut later, Paige laughed: "My mum and her savage comments. I mean, she would be. I was just like 'Oh, for God's sake!'"

Adam hasn't won Paige's mum's approval yet.

Viewers at home were just as shocked as Paige, it would seem, and took to Twitter to discuss her mum's confession.

"Paige's mum is not feeling Adam at all", wrote one fan.

"Paige’s family are not having it… it’s interesting that they prefer Jacques to Adam even after everything that’s happened, and the fact that her Dad isn’t even watching the show", added second.

"I wonder if Paige will tell anyone what her mum said about her being suited more to Jacques", tweeted another.

Will Paige and Adam manage to change her mum's mind?

Despite it all, Paige seemed quite convinced that she could change her parents' minds.

After meeting each other's parents, Paige said that she was certain her mum could be swayed by Adam's charm - though they still haven't decided on where to settle once they leave the villa!

The Love Island final airs on Monday night at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVHub.

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