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Love Island Fans Lose It After Indiyah Accidentally Calls Remi By The Wrong Name

Love Island Fans Lose It After Indiyah Accidentally Calls Remi By The Wrong Name

That's a little awkward...

Love Island fans could hardly contain themselves after catching Indiyah Polack called new bombshell Remi Lambert by the wrong name on their first date.

Remi entered the villa on Tuesday night alongside fellow bombshell Jay Younger and it wasn't long before the pair started turning the girls' heads, leaving the boys quaking in their boots - or crocs, rather.

The following morning, both Remi and Jay were asked to pick three girls each for a lunch date, with one cooking the starter, one cooking a main course, and one cooking a dessert.


From the get-go, rapper and dancer Remi made it clear that he had his eyes on Indiyah, who is currently coupled up with Ikenna Ekwonna, and chose her as his first date of the day.

Things were off to a flying start, as the pair fed each other avocado toast and gazed into each other's eyes across the table while the boys watched on from the terrace.

However, the date took a turn when Indiyah mistakenly called Remi by the wrong name!

Setting up to ask the new islander another question, she began: "So, Reggie. Oh my God. It's not Reggie."

Thankfully, the 22 year old took it in his stride, laughing off his date's embarrassing slip-up.

Fans were quick to pick up on the blunder, taking to Twitter immediately to call out Indiyah.

"Why can Indiyah get no one’s name correct" tweeted one viewer. "WHO IS REGGIE."


This isn't the first time Indiyah has mixed up the boys' names, either. Back in an earlier episode of the show, Indiyah forgot her own partner Ikenna's name too.


Complaining to her fellow islander Amber Beckford that their boys weren't "grafting" hard enough, she said: "Like, being with Ikanu" before stopping herself.

Frowning at Indiyah, Amber asked: "I'm sorry, what did you just call him?" To which Indiyah replied: "Is that not his name?"

Thankfully, Indiyah has gotten to know Ikenna a lot better since the mix-up, but could Remi throw a spanner in the works for this couple?

Love Island airs weeknights at 9:00pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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