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Love Island Fans Divided Over Ikenna's Choice Of Footwear

Love Island Fans Divided Over Ikenna's Choice Of Footwear

Is it an ick or is it a vibe?

Love Island fans didn't quite know what to make of new contestant Ikenna Ekwonna when he walked into the villa on Monday night wearing an odd choice of shoe.

Watch the moment here:

Ikenna, 23, strutted proudly into the brand new Mallorca pad this week to meet the first five ladies in the villa and eventually be coupled up with Indiyah Polack.

The pharmaceutical salesman from Nottingham walked in with some serious confidence, claiming that he has been single 'by choice' as of late and that he struggles to find 'good looking people who are [his] type'.

However, despite his charm, the girls - and cameras - were focused on only one thing when Ikenna presented himself. His crocs.

Yes, on day one in the villa, Ikenna made the bold move of stepping into one of the most controversial shoes known to man.

Ikenna rocked up to the villa in a pair of black crocs on day one.

We're not sure if Ikenna noticed the looks that he received after the girls spotted his footwear, but viewers certainly did!

Taking to Twitter, fans got into serious discussions over whether the part-time personal trainer's shoes were a good decision.

"Why has this Ikenna guy got so many pairs of crocs? REMOVE HIM FROM THIS VILLA NOW" complained one fan.

"Nah don't lie this man has serious drip" replied another.

One more accepting viewer tweeted: "Wait has ikenna got crocs on??? Ikenna to win #loveisland."

But another unimpressed fan wrote: "Ikenna fully brought crocs to the biggest show in the UK."

Others couldn't help but notice the scowl on Indiyah's face when she saw Ikenna's shoes for herself.

"Indiyah looks disgusted with Ikenna’s Crocs" laughed one.

"Nahhh the way Indiyah surveyed Ikenna’s crocs was so funny. She was so damn disgusted" a second pointed out.

"The second Indiyah saw those crocs it was done for Ikenna" laughed a third.

While Indiyah didn't exactly warm to Ikenna straight away - no thanks to his crocs - the couple eventually hit it off when it came time to play a game of dares around the fire pit.

Ikenna was paired up with Indiyah.

Indiyah couldn't keep the smile off her face when she was tasked with riding the islander of her choice around the garden like a pony, prompting the 6'5" Ikenna to sweep her off her feet in an impressive display.

Could Ikenna have possibly redeemed himself after a rocky start? And just how many more pairs of crocs is he hiding in his suitcase?

Love Island continues on Tuesday night at 9pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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