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Love Island Fans Spot Major Blunder With Gemma's Outfit

Love Island Fans Spot Major Blunder With Gemma's Outfit

Now, wait a minute...

Love Island fans are scratching their heads after spotting a strange editing error involving Gemma's outfit from Monday night's episode.

One fan of the ITV reality series took to TikTok to dissect the confusing moment, wondering how the 19-year-old Islander so quickly swapped from a midi bodycon dress to a pair of cargo trousers and back in the space of a few seconds.

Watch here:

Gemma had come to Monday night's (20 June) fire pit gathering wearing a brown dress paired with gold jewellery - a decision she had earlier been seen making in the changing room with the help of fellow islander Tasha.

However, while sat in the den with Luca, her dress suddenly transformed into a pair of beige trousers and stiletto heels.

Meanwhile, Luca's outfit switched from a pair of black jeans, black trainers and a varsity jacket to a pair of black jeans, white converse and a white t-shirt.

Posting a clip from the episode, TikToker @caitlin_swift.x joked: "Quick outfit change, that."

While some shocked viewers admitted that they "didn't even notice" the blunder, others shared that they thought they had gone mad when the quick outfit change went down.

"I thought my eyes were playing tricks," commented one Love Island fan.

Fans were quick to spot Gemma's unexplained outfit change. (

A second concurred: "I thought I was going mad, when she was sat down I thought I like them pants she has on then she stood up and it was a dress."

"Glad I’m not the only one that noticed that," wrote a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth viewer pointed out that Gemma had been wearing the cargo trousers and heels "the night before".

Some more cynical fans were unsurprised by the editing mix-up, dryly pointing out that it was a perfect example of the editing that goes on behind the scenes of the show.

"The show is so set up now I bet it’s like a soap set on it rather than reality," suggested one user.

"It’s all editing," commented a second.

"It’s almost like it’s a scripted TV show," a third sarcastically added.


After a rocky start in the public eye, Gemma has quickly become a fan favourite, leaving both she and Luca safe from Monday night's shocking popularity vote, in which the three least popular boys and three least popular girls were at risk of being dumped from the villa.

While Ikenna, Andrew, and Jay were left vulnerable among the boys, Tasha, Amber, and Ekin-Su were the least-popular girls. The boy and girl with the fewest votes will leave the villa on Tuesday night.

Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/TikTok/@caitlin_swift.x

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