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Love Island Fans Baffled By The Terminology Contestants Use To Describe Sex

Love Island Fans Baffled By The Terminology Contestants Use To Describe Sex

Erm... what did they just call it?

Love Island fans are scratching their heads after hearing the boys discuss their sexual endeavours in the villa using... science terminology?

Past islanders have been known to use rather creative language while describing what they've gotten up to in the bedroom with their partners (in the past we've had football analogies, and the infamous 'Do Bits' society), but we've never heard anything like this before.

It all started when Andrew and Tasha returned from their night in the hideaway and the boys gathered together to get the details when Dami asked: "Did she see your telescope? Did she touch your telescope?"


And it only continued from there. On Thursday night's (16th June) episode, the boys gathered in the garden to discuss another frisky night in the bedroom, when other science equipment terms like 'bunsen burner' and 'flask' got thrown into the conversation.

Needless to say, fans had quite a strong reaction to all the sexy science talk, and took to Twitter to unpack what they had just heard.

"Bunsen burner and flask, what is this a Year 9 science lesson?" asked one viewer.

"Telescope, pipette, now bunsen burner LORDDD" tweeted a second.

And a third wondered: "What's with the science terms this year?"

"We need rid of the science innuendo" demanded a fourth.

"NOT THE SCIENCE PUNS" a fifth penned.

And a sixth simply questioned: "Why are they using a science experiment to symbolise sex."


One viewer pointed out that it's likely Dami who is to blame for the science chat, given his career background.

The Dublin man is a microbiologist, meaning he's sure to know his way around his share of flasks and microscopes.

Calling out the original islander, they tweeted: "I blame Dami for bring science terminology as body parts WHY WOULD HE DO THIS".

How much further will the science chat go? Will the islanders stick to pipettes and bunsen burners or will there be an explosion on the cards soon?

Love Island airs weeknights at 9:00pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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