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Love Island Fans Convinced They Know Who's Going Home In Tonight's Dumping

Love Island Fans Convinced They Know Who's Going Home In Tonight's Dumping

Fans have been guessing who they think has been dumped from the villa.

Love Island fans are convinced they know who will be dumped from the villa in Tuesday's episode of the show, 21 June, following a huge cliffhanger on Monday.

You can watch the moment below:

At the end of Monday's ep, the islanders were gathered around the firepit where they discovered that the public had been voting for their favourite islanders.

The bottom three girls and bottom three boys were asked to stand, and once all names were read out, they gathered at the front of the firepit.

One boy and one girl – out of Amber, Tasha, Ekin-Su, Jay, Ikenna and Andrew – will go home during Tuesday's episode.

And fans think they've already worked out who will be dumped. Viewers are adamant that Ikenna and Amber will leave, after much of Monday's episode focussed on Indiyah and Dami and their blossoming romance.

Two islanders will leave during Tuesday's ep.

One person wrote on Twitter: "Ikenna and Amber I’d put grands on it."

While another said: "The only positive scenario I see here is Amber and Ikenna getting dumped so Indiyah and Dami can fall in love."

And a third added: "I think Ikenna & Amber! This will leave Dami & Indiyah space ‘to get to know each other’."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "A part of me wants Amber and Ikenna to get dumped so Dami and Indiyah can crack on."

A fifth pointed out: "Gonna be a hell of an Aftersun if Ikenna and Amber get the boot and Amber only finds out afterward that Dami was making moves behind her back At least Indiyah told Ikenna what was up."

Indiyah and Dami could have a blossoming romance.

Elsewhere in Monday's episode, fans were pretty grossed out to see the latest stomach-churning challenge.

In the ep, the boys were tasked with guzzling a mouthful of ingredients before sliding across a dancefloor where they had to transfer the ingredients from their mouths to the girls'.

The girls then had to spit the contents into a giant cocktail glass and the first couple to fill it won - which turned out to be Luca and Danica.

Viewers were shocked after Love Island executive producer Mike Spencer said the show would be stepping away from the controversial food challenge, but did not appear to make a comment on drinks.

ITV declined to comment further when contacted by Tyla, however it seems producers have swerved their culinary interests from main courses to drinks.

Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV 2

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