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Love Island Fans 'In Tears' Over Andrew's Comment To Baby

Love Island Fans 'In Tears' Over Andrew's Comment To Baby

Viewers were so emotional during Wednesday (27 July) evening's episode.

Love Island viewers are in tears over Andrew discussing Tasha's 'super power' during Wednesday (27 July) evening's episode.

Wednesday's ep saw the return of the baby challenge, which sees the couples each given a toy baby to look after for the day.

Love Island viewers are in tears over Andrew discussing Tasha's 'super power'.

As part of the challenge, the girls headed off for a brunch outside of the villa, leaving the boys in charge for daddy day care.

And while looking after their baby, Andrew decided to give the little one a tour around the villa, explaining once he got to the fire pit: "The fire pit is very special... your mum told me about her super power, her super power being that she has an implant that makes her able to hear.

"She's very, very special and very, very brave and with this implant can hear."


And viewers were so emotional over Andrew's comments, with many taking to social media to discuss, while some admitted they were even in tears.

One person wrote: "Ok so Andrew has just melted my heart so much telling the baby about mummy’s 'super power'... He adores Tasha so much."

While another said: "Andrew giving the baby a tour and telling him about tash has me in tears."

And a third added: "Andrew is so cute holding back my tears."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "Andrew telling the baby ab tashas super power im in TEARS." [sic]

Fans were emotional over Andrew's comments.

Elsewhere in Love Island news, we told you how two of the series' bombshells who have been dumped from the villa have confirmed their romance, as they were spotted out together this week.

Summer Botwe and Josh Le Grove decided to couple up just before they left the show, with their romance barely getting off the ground before Josh was voted out, followed shortly afterwards by Summer.

But after reuniting over the weekend to appear on spin-off show, Aftersun it seems there's some unfinished business between the couple.

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