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Love Island Fans Are Divided By Liam's 'ASMR' Date Voice

Love Island Fans Are Divided By Liam's 'ASMR' Date Voice

'Why is Liam speaking like he’s doing ASMR?'

Love Island fans finally had the chance to watch Liam Llewellyn go on not one but two dates with both bombshells and people are obsessed with his voice. Watch below.

The public decided that Liam would go dates with Afia Tonkmore and Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu.

Afia and Ekin-Su waited for Liam’s arrival in the candle-lit courtyard. However viewers were totally caught off guard by Liam's 'ASMR' voice during the rendezvous.

Liam went on a date with Ekin-Su and Afia.

One fan quickly created a photoshopped picture of Liam's face on Harry Styles's body from when the As It Was singer read bedtime stories on CBeebies.

"Liam sounds like he should be reading me a bedtime story what is this sweet sickly voice," they wrote.

Another fan mused: "Liam is giving serious ASMR vibes here".

A third viewer wrote: "I love Liam’s voice - instant ASMR".

A fourth commented: "Is it me or has Liam gone into ASMR mode?"

During the unusual double-date, Afia was first up was Afia and Liam was quick to compliment the new arrival saying: “I like your vibe, you’re just a laugh, a bubbly, outgoing girl and that’s exactly what I want.”

Afia asked: “Would you say I am your type?” 

Liam replied, smoothly: “You’re definitely my type, 100 per cent.”

Ekin-Su was up next after having to wait on a table alone next to Afia and Liam's date table. The flirtation started almost immediately as she said: You’ve got really nice eyes, the colour of the sea, almost like you can kind of swim in it and get lost.”

Afia and Ekin-Su went on a date with Liam.

Liam playfully quipped back:Are you getting a bit lost?”

Ekin-Su says: “Maybe I am”, she later adds: “Your eyes are just hypnotising me, I love blue eyes.”

Liam expressed interest in both women and it remains to be seen which one - if any - he'll choose to couple up with.

If he doesn't find love in the villa hopefully an ASMR deal is up for grabs for Liam!

Love Island airs weekdays at 9pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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