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Love Is Blind: Reunion Leaves Fans Stunned As Kyle Confesses Feelings For Deepti

Love Is Blind: Reunion Leaves Fans Stunned As Kyle Confesses Feelings For Deepti

Wait, what?

If you thought Love Is Blind season two was chaotic, then brace yourself for the reunion show.

The catch-up episode saw our couples sit down with hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey to discuss the ‘I do's’ and the ‘I don't's’ of their relationship.

But it was Kyle Abram’s admission that set tongues wagging, with many flabbergasted to learn he had been harbouring feelings for Deepti Vempati.

You can watch the clip below.

Taking to Twitter, fans expressed their surprise at a romance that had seemingly secretly blossomed away from the cameras.

“Kyle said he loves Deepti and should've asked her to marry him. Wait what???? #LoveIsBlind #LOVEISBLINDreunion” one perplexed fan asked.

Fans were taken aback by the revelation (

“I never imagined Deepti and Kyle being a thing,” agreed a second. “My jaw dropped when Kyle confessed to Deepi during the reunion of love is blind. Now I see myself shipping them.

“They both deserved better.”

Fans actually loved the sweet moment (

“Kyle's Deepti confession was the best part of the #LOVEISBLINDreunion hands down. I respect it, do your thing, Kyle #LoveIsBlind #loveisblind2 #LoveIsBlindS2” a third person praised.

“Watching Love is Blind season two and Kyle just randomly saying he wished he’d proposed to Deepti caught me hella off guard,” a fourth laughed.

Fans will remember that Kylie had initially asked Shaina Hurley to marry him, while Deepti partnered up with Shake Chatterjee.

Both relationships fell apart, with Shaina struggling to see past Kyle’s atheism, while Deepti chose herself at the altar following Shake’s numerous comments about how he wasn’t attracted to her.

It was quite the surprise (

But it seems that Kyle and Deepti may have found love with one another, with the pair teasing their newfound feelings for one another.

Hours after the reunion was broadcast, Kyle shared a TikTok video of him and Deepti together, in which he sits in front of the camera before flashing over to Deepti, and smirking.

Meanwhile, Deepti has certainly hinted there may be something between herself and Kyle in the future.

“Kyle and I, we are figuring it out,” she explained to Elite Daily. “Not a lot of people know that we had a really strong connection in the pods.

Speaking to BuzzFeed, she elaborated: “On the pods side, Shake wasn't my only person that I was into. I had a really strong other connection, and I was very much going back and forth in my head on what direction to go. I wish they aired a little bit more of that doubt, but they can't air everything."

Deepti initially matched with Shake (

However, Deepti added she’s not actively looking for romance right now, after the Shake debacle.

"I'm totally open to meeting people organically and naturally, if this person just stumbles into my life," she said. "But as of right now, no dating apps. I'm not physically looking right now."

Watch this space, guys.

Love Is Blind is available to watch on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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