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Shayne Wasn't The First Person Who Proposed To Natalie On Love Is Blind

Shayne Wasn't The First Person Who Proposed To Natalie On Love Is Blind

Excuse me, what?

We’re hooked on the new series of Love is Blind – with the Netflix dating series promising to be more dramatic than ever before.

The couple we’re most invested in is Natalie and Shayne, with the pair embroiled in their own love triangle after Shaina made a last ditch attempt to appeal to Shayne’s heart before he proposed to Natalie.

While Shaina’s confession left Shayne’s head fried, it’s been revealed that he’s not the only person who had numerous suitors interested in him in the pods.

Natalie agreed to marry Shayne (

In fact, it’s been revealed Natalie herself was proposed to by another man while she was getting to know the rest of the suitors – but those scenes were cut.

Say whaaaat?

Show creator Chris Coelen explained: “There were people who you see on the show who were really significantly interested in other people.

Natalie could have been marrying someone else (

“There was another guy who – very, very early on – was really interested in Natalie and basically proposed to her. It was very out of the blue but he just felt like he knew, and she was like, 'This is just weird.’”

He continued to Metro: “She didn’t have any deep feelings for him but he had developed very significant feelings for her. Anyway, she said no and he left, and that was that.”

Well, that may have made for a completely different show…but Natalie has made it clear from the outset that her heart has been with Shayne from day dot.

Viewers have already expressed their doubts about Shayne, with many saying that the real estate agent is a “walking red flag”, due to his flirtatious manner and often defensive demeanour.

Will Natalie and Shayne go the distance? (

Even the camerapeople behind Love Is Blind have seemingly teased Shayne’s mannerisms, with some very shady camerawork being aimed at the 31-year-old.

However, Shayne himself has defended himself from accusations that his behaviour is “gaslighting” or toxic in a response to an Instagram post.

You can read more about that here.

Love Is Blind is available to view on Netflix.

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