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Disturbing footage of killer Kevin Davis during police interview will make your skin crawl

Disturbing footage of killer Kevin Davis during police interview will make your skin crawl

Kevin Davis admitted to bludgeoning his own mum to death before sexaully assaulting her corpse

Warning: This article contains graphic content.

Footage shows the horrifying moment a man confessed to killing his own mother.

Kevin Davis, 18, was found guilty of murdering his mother, 50-year-old Kimberly Hill, by bludgeoning her with a hammer before sexually assaulting her body.

The video below contains graphic descriptions of murder and sexual assault:

Davis, from Corpus Christi, Texas, was sentenced in October 2014 and during the trial, prosecutors played his taped confession.

The murder happened on 26 March 2014 in Corpus Christi, Texas in the apartment he shared with his mum - a hospice care worker - and older sister, Desirae Hill.

He told investigators he choked his mum with a cord before brutally murdering her with a hammer.

He also admitted to trying to strangle her with a cord ripped from a video game console controller but ‘that didn’t work’ because ‘she started screaming’.

Hill was sitting on the sofa when her son attacked her. He then found a hammer in his mum’s drawers and returned to the living room to kill her.

“She was out pretty quickly,” he chillingly recalls during the police interview. “Kind of tried to play dead at first. I finished it.”

Davis, who was interviewed by two officers, said he hit his mum ‘at least 20’ times'. but that she was still alive.’

Kevin Davis confessed to killing her mother.
Corpus Christi Police Department

He said: “I dragged her into the room, as you probably clearly saw, and then I picked kind of formed my hands into her brains to kind of just cut it. She was still snoring.

“She was still alive.”

When an investigator asked if he ‘grabbed those brains?’ Hill replies coldly: “Yeah. Finished it.”

Davis goes on to admit he ‘had sex with her corpse’.

“I lost my virginity to a corpse,” he adds.

Kimberly Hill was murdered by her son.
Facebook/Corpus Christi Police Department

Hill’s body was found by police undressed from the waist down and posed. He intended on killing his sister but decided to leave a trail of blood in the home leading to the master bedroom where he had dragged their mum’s corpse.

“I had my fill of killing. It seemed a little much," he shared with investigators.

He took a bike and a backpack from his home and tried to escape town. He abandoned both items by train tracks before walking to a home in the nearby town of Robstown, where he confessed to a couple.

“I wouldn’t take back what I did,” he told investigators, after admitting he had fantasies about murdering his mum and sister. “I did love her in a way.

Davis was sentenced to life in prison.

“I’m a terrible, disgusting person.”

It took jurors just an hour to reach their verdict, and Davis was handed life in prison, the maximum sentence.

Davis’ grandfather Clyde Hill spoke in court and chastised his grandson for his heinous crime. "You broke an unwritten law, you killed your mother,” he said. “You just don’t do that.

"We won’t ever see you again."

Featured Image Credit: Corpus Christi Police Department/YouTube

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