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Jodie Comer Movie Poster Proves 'Women Aren't Allowed To Have Pores Or Wrinkles'

Jodie Comer Movie Poster Proves 'Women Aren't Allowed To Have Pores Or Wrinkles'

Ah yes, because women never age.

Film fans are up in arms over the posters for Ridley Scott flick The Last Duel, after noticing the stark difference between Jodie Comer's appearance, and that of her male co-stars.

Analysing the promotional posters for the 2021 film fans have just noticed that while stars Matt Damon and Adam Driver are advertised as brave, hardy men with dirt, wrinkles, and scars on their face, Jodie's character doesn't even have so much as a pore.

One fan describes her frustration perfectly here:

TikTok creator @droppedcroisant compares the posters side by side, telling her followers: "Oh, Hollywood will never let you forget that men are manly beasts, and they have scars and they have dirty faces and they grow old. Under eye bags to prove they are very very masculine.

"Sexy, perfect, masculine beasts. They age gracefully and there's no need to be ashamed of that."

She continues: "Women - not allowed to have pores or wrinkles or any imperfections because they don't grow old. They're just born naturally perfect."

Followers were quick to agree, adding that obviously photoshopping and retouching women's facial features was just "embarrassing".

Adam Driver stars alongside Jodie Comer and Matt Damon in The Last Duel. (
20th Century Studios)

One TikTok user wrote: "Think people have copped onto this now, and that's why less people go to the cinema. Why subject yourself to this [?]"

Another commented: "It's so obviously digitally altered that it is almost embarrassing."

A third follower joked: "When we get our first wrinkle we just automatically die."

The Last Duel tells the story of respected knight Jean de Carrouges (Matt Damon) and noble squire Jacques Le Gris (Adam Driver) who go head to head in a duel to the death over the honour of de Carrouges' wife (Jodie Comer).

Other TikTokers noted that, like Jodie, actresses in their 20s are regularly being cast as the romantic interest opposite men who are in their 30s, 40s and 50s.

Jodie Comer plays the wife of Matt Damon's character Jean de Carrouges. (
20th Century Studios)

One wrote: "Jodie Comer is also still in her 20's. God forbid they have a woman the same age as the male actors."

Another commented: "It breaks my heart to think of all of the incredible talented actresses over 40 who will never be seen."

What did you think of the film's casting?

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Studios

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