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Viewers sick of Ant and Dec's 'tongue action' comments

Viewers sick of Ant and Dec's 'tongue action' comments

"Take a shot every time Ant says 'tongue action'."

Viewers have been left divided over Ant and Dec's 'tongue action' comments in tonight's episode of I'm a Celebrity.

The ITV reality show has reached its 2022 finale, with potential winner Jill Scott taking part in the last Bushtucker Trial.

For the challenge, she was forced to lay flat in a clear box as piles of rats and bugs were thrown upon her.

But perhaps most bizarrely is that in order to get the stars, she had to use her tongue to unscrew them.

Jill had to use her tongue to get the stars.

Throughout the challenge, the hosts couldn't help but comment on her impressive 'tongue action'.

Viewers at home were divided, with some sick of Ant and Dec's obsession with her skills.

"I've just changed channel to ITV and #ImACeleb is on," said one on Twitter. "All lm hearing is Ant and Dec and Jill talking about tongue action."

Another wrote: "F**king hell, Jill’s trial is grim! Not helped by listening to Ant getting off on her tongue action."

A third quipped: "Take a shot every time Ant says 'tongue action'."

While a fourth chimed in: "Is I’m A Celebrity taking the piss making Jill lick away with her tongue to release the stars?

"Why don’t people talk about these blatant piss takes and challenge bulls*** on our TV?"

Not everyone was against their innuendos, however, with one commenter writing: "Ant does make me laugh."

And then there were those who simply felt for the footballer, including this person who said: "My tongue aches watching Jill."

Another commented: "Jill’s tongue must be dry as sandpaper bless her."

On the plus side, that's the last Bushtucker Trial she'll have to take part in for good.

Soon we'll be finding out who is crowned the King or Queen of the Jungle - and fans are apprehensive to say the least.

An overwhelming majority of comments seem to suggest most people are hoping Jill will win.

"Go’wan @JillScottJS8 you deserve to be the queen of the jungle!! Make sure you all vote for JILL," said one on Twitter.

Another wrote: "As a nation let’s crown Queen Jill, a lovely brave talented Lioness who’s done amazingly well."

On the other end of the scale, many viewers were initially concerned that Matt Hancock - arguably the most controversial contestant in the show's history - might take home the prize.

However, he has just been sent home, meaning it's down to the footballing legend and Hollyoaks star Owen Warner.

Thankfully, there's not long to wait to find out!

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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