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I’m A Celeb Fans Lose It As Ant And Dec Take Another Jab At ‘Fictional’ Government Party

I’m A Celeb Fans Lose It As Ant And Dec Take Another Jab At ‘Fictional’ Government Party

They took a second swipe!

TV hosts Ant and Dec might be skating on thin ice after the cheeky pair took a second swipe at the government whilst on air.

In the latest episode of I'm A Celeb, the Geordie duo referenced the alleged Christmas party again to viewers.

In last night's episode, viewers saw David Ginola’s campmates decided to keep the fact they lost his letter from home after the Castle Coin challenge.

In the clips between camp, the cheeky presenters used the event to make another joke at the Christmas party scandal.

Opening the segment, Ant said: "So they've decided to cover it up".

This is the second time the pair have made a joke at the Government. (

Commenting on their decision, Dec replied: "Not a great idea that, is it?"

Ant added: "If we've learned one thing in the last 24 hours, you can't cover something up."

Yet it was Dec who took it one step further. The presenter quipped: "That will come back to bite them at some might take a year. But it will happen!"

He even pushed it further referencing comments from labour lead Sir Keir Starmer in yesterday's Prime Minister Questions. He continued: "It was obvious what happened. Even Ant and Dec are ahead of the prime minister..sorry, Danny Miller!"

The pair poked yet more fun at prime minister Boris Johnson (

After some applause and laughter, Dec made a final comment when he jibed: "Don't worry we'll launch an enquiry or something, not that that will do anything."

The cheeky joke was another jab at the attempts by Boris Johnson and the Conservative party to cover up their alleged Christmas parties last year. Whilst not confirmed, the rumours speculate that 10 Downing Street had not one but four parties across November and December whilst the rest of the UK was in lockdown.

The ITV show shared the cheeky jokes to their Twitter accounts (

Earlier this week, the government issued a denial that any parties took place following footage of politician Allegra Stratton joking about the alleged gathering.

The ITV prime time show shared the cheeky clip from last night's episode to their Twitter account and their 1.3 million followers.

they wrote: "Honesty is always the best policy 🎉 @antanddec #ImACeleb"

The tweet has gathered over 16,000 likes and nearly 3,000 retweets.

I'm a Celeb continues tonight at 9pm on ITV.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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