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Love Island Fans Spot Huge Blunder After Ikenna's Wardrobe Comment

Love Island Fans Spot Huge Blunder After Ikenna's Wardrobe Comment

Love Island fans were left confused about Ikenna's comment about his outfit.

Love Island fans were delighted when a conversation between Ikenna and Indiyah was shown during Wednesday’s episode.

The couple, who were paired together by the public, decided to try and get to know each other more. Indiyah kicked of with the classic the ice breaker questions 'what’s your favourite colour’.

Ikenna clarified his black clothes are 'at home'.

Ikenna replied he likes black and noted that ‘all my clothes are black’.

But viewers – and Indiyah - were left feeling baffled because Ikenna was actually dressed in a white t-shirt and blue jeans.

Indiyah quipped: “I haven’t seen your wear clothes once”.

And it seems viewers had the exact same reaction.

One Twitter user said: “Ikenna all your clothes are black? You’re literally wearing a white T-shirt?”

Another viewer tweeted: “Ikenna – ‘literally all my clothes are black’ mate you’re wearing a white T-shirt”.

A third shared a stock image of a man wearing a similar white t-shirt and blue jeans and tweeted: “’All my clothes are black’ ok Ikenna.”

Indiyah was not the only person who was left feeling confused by Ikenna's comment.

While a fourth viewer wrote: “Ikenna while wearing a white shirt and blue jeans: “I don’t know what my favourite colour is, all my clothes are black…”

Thankfully Ikenna quickly explained that his clothes ‘at home’ are all black, which makes a lot more sense. It is not uncommon for the Islanders to be given clothes to wear on the show.

Indiyah gave viewers a much needed updated about their relationship so far in the beach hut. “I feel like a big weight off my shoulders like ‘we can talk and it’s not that deep and we can get to know each other now’. It feels a lot more normal.”

Outside of the villa, 23-year-old Ikenna works in pharmaceutical sales and he has only been in one relationship up to now.

He took his ex on holiday for her birthday to Barcelona which he described before entering the villa as his most memorable dating experience. What will Ikenna bring to the villa you ask? “Hopefully, I’m going to bring spontaneity and excitement.

"I’m not really shy to speak to people and I don’t really care too much about what people think.”

Love Island airs weekdays at 9pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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