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Viewers left stunned by bizarre new Netflix Christmas rom-com

Viewers left stunned by bizarre new Netflix Christmas rom-com

Netflix viewers have been left stunned for all the wrong reasons with this new Christmas rom-com.

When booting up Netflix over the next few days, you might want to stick something festive on to get into the holiday spirit.

Alongside the usual classics like Home Alone and Elf, there are many new festive films such as Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynold's Spirited to watch this year.

One of the less talked about ones is the new Netflix rom-com I Believe in Santa, which released on the streaming platform on Wednesday (14 December).

I Believe in Santa tells the story of Tom (played by John Ducey) and Lisa (played by Christina Moore) who have been happily dating for five months.

But Lisa is a bit of a Grinch, and she is horrified to find out that Tom is obsessed with the whole festive season.

Is it time Lisa gave Christmas another chance or will their so far fruitful relationship come to an end?

Alongside Moore and Ducey as part of the cast is Violet McGraw, Sachin Bhatt, Lateefah Holder and Matthew Glave, amongst others.

Alex Ranarivelo directed the film, with Ali Afshar, Daniel Aspromonte, Ava Rettke and Moore as producers.

Tom and Lisa are happy, but will Christmas ruin their relationship?
Netflix/ YouTube

But despite it only being in the hands of Netflix viewers for a matter of days, many are stunned by it, but not for the right reasons.

Many have taken to social media apps such as Twitter to discuss their thoughts on the newly released Christmas film.

One Netflix subscriber said: "Watching ‘I Believe In Santa’ on Netflix and, even for a Christmas film, it is bad on every level. But it’s good-bad, so it’s a big recommendation from me…"

A second added: "What in the actual f*** is 'I believe in santa', someone at netflix needs to get the sack."

Meanwhile, a third was not overly impressed: "I believe this movie is absolutely horrendous. But my company Christmas party tomorrow is surely going to be worse. I can’t catch a break/10."

And a fourth viewer had to do a bit of research while watching, she said: "I Believe in Santa: I was so taken aback by this couple, I had to Google them.

Lisa is horrified when she finds out Tom is obsessed with Christmas.
Netflix/ YouTube

"Turns out they are married IRL, and the guy wrote this movie.

"Without that information I’m not sure I would have gotten through this. They are truly odd. Oh yeah, the guy believes in Santa."

The film hasn't been out long enough to have received many critics reviews, with I Believe in Santa currently without a Rotten Tomatoes score.

Despite that, the two reviews that are on the review-aggregation have been far from favourable for the new Christmas film.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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