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Hype House: Netflix Viewers Are Calling New Reality Series 'So Bad It's Good'

Hype House: Netflix Viewers Are Calling New Reality Series 'So Bad It's Good'

We.... kind of love it?

New reality series Hype House dropped on Netflix this week, and viewers are reluctant to admit that they're actually really enjoying it.

If you're unfamiliar with the Hype House, it was once a collective of some of the most popular teens on TikTok all living together in an outrageously gorgeous mansion in LA and churning out as much "content" as possible.

Watch the trailer here:

And if you're not sure that this show is for you, you're not alone. When the series was first announced back in 2021, people were pretty upset that these teens who are rich and famous for dancing or lip-synching to songs were about to be even more rich and famous.

But even after threatening to boycott the series, people are begrudgingly trying testing the waters this week - and they're calling it "so bad it's good".

TikTok stars like Nikita Dragun, Chase Hudson (Lil Huddy), and Larray might not be names you're familiar with, but trust us; you'll soon be stalking their socials and maybe even joining their millions of followers.

After throwing on the first episode for some background noise, viewers quickly found themselves getting sucked in to the world of obnoxiously rich but seemingly unhappy teens as they deal with cancel culture, trying to stay relevant, and a deep-rooted fear of losing their 15 minutes of fame and being sent back home.

The Hype House dropped on Netflix last weekend. (

After getting sucked into the all-new reality show, fans of the show took to Twitter to confess that they were, well, fans!

One viewer tweeted: "I'm sorry…but that Hype House show is entertaining"

Another wrote: "okay but the Hype House show is actually not that bad??? i mean clearly Vinnie [Hacker] Chase [Hudson], Larray and Nikita [Dragun] carried the whole show but still i was expecting way worse."

"Guys why is this Hype House thing on Netflix kinda interesting…" asked a third.


Embarrassed that she was enjoying the new series, one viewer tweeted: "Not me watching Hype House and enjoying it #hypehouse."

You can watch all of Hype House now on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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