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Harry Potter Fans Are Calling Dumbledore A Villain After Noticing ‘Plot Hole’

Harry Potter Fans Are Calling Dumbledore A Villain After Noticing ‘Plot Hole’


We are staunch Harry Potter fans until the end, but there are some things in the franchise that have left us scratching our heads.

And now, one person believes they have spotted a huge plot hole – and many believe it paints a well-loved character as a villain.

You can watch the theory below.


Taking to TikTok, user @bihli1 laid out their argument.

In the Deathly Hallows, we see the cottage, where Bill Weasley and Fleur reside, be used as a safe house for Harry Potter’s allies in the big wizarding war.

This is because Bill is a “secret keeper”, which means in Harry Potter lingo that he has been trusted to keep a secret by means of the Fidelius Charm. The person who told the secret can no longer pass on the information he has given to the secret keeper, and the secret keeper cannot have the information tortured out of them. As a Weasley, the Order of the Phoenix can trust Bill to keep Harry Potter’s whereabouts hidden.

Bill and Fleur's cottage was a safe haven for the Order (
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However, @bihli1 one argued why Harry’s parents, Lily and James, weren’t the secret keepers for their own whereabouts. Fans will know the couple were forced into hiding when Voldemort was trying to kill Harry. Peter Pettigrew was their secret keeper, who broke their trust when he voluntarily told Voldemort where the pair were hiding.

And fans were quick to express their surprise at the plot hole, with many saying this further proves the notion that Hogwarts headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, is the true villain of Harry Potter – as he seemingly orchestrated events to see Lily and James killed so he could use Harry to defeat Voldemort himself, as the prophecy says.

Taking to the comments, one person argued: “Dumbledore is the villain that JK Rowling didn’t mean to write.”

“This is because Dumbledore needed either Sirius or Remus to go to prison so neither of them could take care of Harry and he could send him to his aunt,” said a second.

Could Dumbledore have had a wider plan all along? (
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A third said: “This furthers my theory that Dumbledore planned for Lily and James to die- so he could use Harry."

“Dumbledore was such a gaslighter,” complained a fourth. “All this horrible stuff happens to Harry and D tells him it’s because ‘I cared for you too much!’”

However, more die-hard Potterheads have argued there’s a hole in this fan theory.

The Potters were betrayed by their secret keeper (
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The cottage that Bill and Fleur lived in wasn’t actually theirs, it was their moody Aunt Muriel’s, which allows him to be the secret keeper as it was not his property.

Lily and James could not be their own secret keepers as they were the secret, if that makes sense.

Either way…we’re flummoxed. Explain yourself, JK Rowling!

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