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Harry Potter: Return To Hogwarts Fans Convinced Rupert Grint Didn't Attend Reunion In Person

Harry Potter: Return To Hogwarts Fans Convinced Rupert Grint Didn't Attend Reunion In Person

How did we not notice this?

Harry Potter fans are convinced that Rupert Grint did not join his cast mates for the filming of HBO's Return To Hogwarts 20th anniversary reunion, and was in Toronto the entire time.

It would seem that film and production crews worked their own magic to get Ron Weasley in the same room as Harry and Hermione, all while sitting in a different continent - and it all comes down to a rather obscure detail in Emma Watson's nail varnish.

Did you spot it? Watch here:

Harry Potter Reunion (

Hardcore Potterheads did some digging just before the reunion special dropped on New Year's Day and learned that the chances of Rupert actually making an appearance on the film set were slim to none.

It looks like the actor had other filming commitments in Canada and couldn't make it out to Hogwarts for the cast reunion.

Harry Potter and Wizarding World fan site MuggleNet were the first to suggest that Rupert filmed his reunion scenes from abroad, while Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson were on set together.

They tweeted: "We can exclusively confirm (via three different sources) that Rupert was not in physical attendance for the filming of the #HarryPotterReunion. Dan and Emma are in the same physical space."


One fan also noticed when the reunion came to an end, an entire Toronto filming crew featured in the credits.

But what about the one-on-one moments between Rupert Grint and Emma Watson?

You remember, when we all turned into emotional wrecks as they held hands and told each other they loved each other (as friends).

How could they have filmed that apart?

Well it looks like they didn't...

Don't deny it, you cried at this scene too. (

Rather, fans are suggesting that Emma flew out to Toronto especially to film with Rupert and subsequently leave us in floods of tears.

One fan tweeted: "Emma was the only person who met [Rupert] in person. He's filming his Netflix series in Toronto, he's not in London, what I heard she flew to Canada to shoot with him."

Another had suggested: "They maybe flew Emma to Canada to shoot with Rupert, and it was absolutely worth it for that heartfelt moment. But Rupert's the only one who doesn't appear on the HP set (and he's been in Canada on another project."


One Harry Potter fan page also spotted that Emma Watson's appearance changes ever so slightly in between scenes.

Although she is dressed the same in her scenes with both Daniel and Rupert, and her scenes alone with Rupert, Emma's nail polish changes between the two.

With Rupert alone, Emma's nails appear to be a shimmery gold colour, and with the rest of the cast, her nails are painted black.

Instagram/ @ronhermione_rhr)

We never would have noticed this if it weren't for the more eagle-eyed Harry Potter fans. We're honestly convinced they could be in the FBI!

Tyla has reached out to Sky for comment.

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