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Harry Potter: Return To Hogwarts: Fans Spot ‘Embarrassing’ Emma Watson Blunder In Flashback

Harry Potter: Return To Hogwarts: Fans Spot ‘Embarrassing’ Emma Watson Blunder In Flashback


Potterheads across the world were delighted to see the long-awaited Harry Potter reunion, Return To Hogwarts, which was released on New Year’s Day.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary since the release of the first film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the series reunited Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint as well as other cast members to discuss how the wizarding franchise changed their lives.

Return to Hogwarts
Return to Hogwarts

However, some eagle-eyed fans spotted a major blunder in the one-off special, where a photo of a young Emma Watson was not actually of Emma Watson at all.

It appears one American film star received their Hogwarts letter 20 years too late, as a picture of Emma Roberts, star of 2008 classic Wild Child, was used in error.

Taking to Twitter, one fan shared a screenshot of the moment in Return to Hogwarts, as well as an identical snap that is on Emma Roberts’s Instagram page.

Fans noticed that a picture of a young Emma Roberts was used (

“GUYS HELP ME THATS LITERALLY EMMA ROBERTS NOT EMMA WATSON,” they wrote, sharing a number of skull and crossbone emojis.

Others found the blunder both hilarious and cringeworthy.

“Ohhhhh LMAO I remember sitting there thinking "She looked like a completely different child here,” commented one person.

“No but wait that's actually so embarrassing,” said a second.

Fans couldnt help but cringe at the blunder (

“HBO Max better hire better researchers in their team.,” sniped a third, while a fourth said: “HOWWWW DID THIS HAPPEN.”

After the error was raised, producers of Return To Hogwarts were quick to remedy the error, magically swapping out the wrong Emma.

Others criticised the researchers (

"Well spotted Harry Potter fans!" read a statement that was issued to Entertainment Weekly. "You brought an editing mistake of a mislabeled photograph to our attention. New version up shortly."

The series saw the right Emma admit she once had a huge crush on her co-star, Tom Felton, who played Draco in the series.

Emma Roberts made an accidental cameo (

“Tom had drawn a girl with a backward cap on a skateboard and I just don't know how to say it, but I just fell in love with him,” she said, with Felton admitting he still “had a soft spot” for his co-star to this day.

Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts is available to watch on Sky Max and NOW.

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