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Harry Potter Fan Spots Hidden Detail That 'Gives Away' James And Lily's Deaths

Kimberley Bond

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Harry Potter Fan Spots Hidden Detail That 'Gives Away' James And Lily's Deaths

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros

While we pride ourselves on being big Potterheads, there are still finer details in the Harry Potter films that we may have overlooked.

One such moment is in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, when Harry is given a treasured photo by his godfather, Sirius Black, showing the original Order, which battled against Voldemort in the first Wizarding War.

You can watch the clip below.


However, the photo seemingly shows all along who was responsible for the death of Lily and James Potter.

True Potterheads will know that Peter Pettigrew was entrusted as Lily and James’s Secret Keeper, with the Potter’s trusting Peter to keep their whereabouts hidden after they tried to hide from Voldemort.

However, Peter betrayed his friends and told Voldemort about their safe haven, leading Voldemort to murder the Potter family to fulfil the prophecy.

However, he failed to kill Harry, instead leaving him with his infamous scar.

Dumbledore is seen watching Pettigrew (Credit: Warner Bros)
Dumbledore is seen watching Pettigrew (Credit: Warner Bros)

In The Prisoner of Azkaban, we learn that Sirius Black is blamed for the murder, and is thought to have also killed Pettigrew – but it transpires that Pettigrew had disguised himself in his Animagus form as a rat, and was hiding as Ron Weasley’s pet Scabbers.

But one eagle-eyed fan shows that the all-knowing (and all-powerful Dumbledore) may have already had his suspicions about Pettigrew.

Taking to the Reddit thread, r/HarryPotter one fan wrote “Pettigrew is fixated on James, and Dumbledore gives him a rather suspicious look.

“Is it around the time he betrayed them? It kinda seems like a regretful look.”

Pettigrew betrayed the Potters (Credit: Warner Bros)
Pettigrew betrayed the Potters (Credit: Warner Bros)

And fans agreed that Dumbledore could have always believed Pettigrew was guilty.

“Yeah he could have had suspicions about Pettigrew, but then when all the evidence seemingly pointed to Sirius being the guilty one he could have thought he got it wrong,” another fan agreed. “Would also make sense why in Prisoner of Azkaban he then readily believed Sirius's story, it was everything finally making sense.”

A third fan added: “He might have felt uneasy about the look Peter gave James. On the other hand, he might be looking worriedly at James and Lily instead, as I assume this is then post prophecy.”

Dumbledore may have had his submissions (Credit: Warner Bros)
Dumbledore may have had his submissions (Credit: Warner Bros)

A fourth person added: “Dumbledore was never portrayed as a stupid man-in the books or in the movies. I have no doubt he suspected a few members of something, even if it was just a vague ‘I just know you’re guilty’. It’d definitely leave some room for him to be suspicious.”

Could Dumbledore have suspected Pettigrew all along?

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Kimberley Bond
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