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Harry Potter viewers have been left 'screaming and crying' over one fan's particularly alarming alternative ending.

Fans of the hit film franchise are coming out in their masses to share their dramatic reactions to the replacement final scene.

And fans have already been quite vocal about the various deleted scenes from the actual movies, including this very weird one from the Goblet of Fire.

The alternative ending was uploaded by one Potterhead, @harrypotter9340, to TikTok and, let's just say, it's caused quite the storm on the platform.

A TikTok has left Potterheads 'screaming and crying' over alternative fan ending.
Warner Bros.

The short but nonetheless shocking video was captioned: "Of course it's in your head Harry."

It started with a clip from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -Part 2 in which Harry is joined by Hermione and Ron at a bridge after the final battle at Hogwarts which saw Lord Voldemort finally be defeated.

Harry then tells his friends that the Elder Wand is his but, in a twist of fate, he then snaps it in two.

Then, at this precise moment, a baby-faced clip of Harry from the Philosopher's Stone shows the wizard waking up from his slumber - implying that the all events that took place throughout the whole film franchise were 'just a dream'.

The video has since clocked up over 1.4 million views on the platform, with an avalanche of comments from Potterheads eager to weigh in on the fan edit.

Many were left totally dumbfounded by the idea of their beloved franchise ending that way.

The clip then ends with Harry waking up in the cupboard under the stairs.
Warner Bros/@harrypotter9340/TikTok

One commented: "Fans would have rioted in the streets."

"I would have died if that happened," confessed a second.

While a third echoed: "I would have died if that happened."

Given the loyalty of the die-hard fandom - I don't doubt that one bit.

And the visceral reactions didn't stop there either.

"That made me panic a little," declared a fourth while a fifth said: "I'd have an existential crisis."

Some claimed that they would be have 'screamed and cried' while others straight up announced they would have been left 'permanently traumatised'.


Others even took it the next step further and added their own alternative theories to what could have been.

One TikTok user penned: "No what if he woke up in his parents house with them alive and it was all just a fever dream."


A second pondered: "What if he woke up and he was in a psych ward and turns out he had to escape."

While a third added: "Imagine if he kept the Elder Wand and became the Wizarding World’s Darth Vader."

Regardless, you can't deny it would have made for one of the most dramatic plot twists in cinematic history.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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