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Dickinson’s Hailee Steinfeld Says Fans Will Get ‘The Ending They Deserve’ As She Teases ‘Emotional’ Final Season

Dickinson’s Hailee Steinfeld Says Fans Will Get ‘The Ending They Deserve’ As She Teases ‘Emotional’ Final Season

The third and final season is set during the American Civil War.

Dickinson was one of the inaugural Apple TV+ original series when the service launched in November 2019. Two years and three seasons later, the kooky period comedy is coming to an end.

The final season will debut this month and star Hailee Steinfeld, 24, has teased what fans can expect from the “hopeful, emotional, dark” finale as fans prepare to bid farewell to the Dickinson clan forever. 

“I feel so grateful that we have told this story. Within these three seasons exactly the way that we had always hoped for,” Hailee explains to Tyla. “Although I'm of course sad that this is the end, I'm happy that we now get to deliver this show as a whole and people can have this as a whole. It's been an emotional roller coaster.”

“I think fans will get the ending that they deserve and that they are looking forward to, and that they'll be very happy with.”

In the first 10 episodes of the coming-of-age story, fans fell in love with budding writer Emily, her secret relationship with Sue, and the dysfunctional Dickinson family. In the second season Emily struggled with the concept of fame and what it would mean for her work to be seen by the world.

Emily’s most productive time as an artist unfurls as the American Civil War rages on in the third season, and an equally fierce battle divides her own family, with a birth and lots of deaths. The Civil War was when the real Emily Dickinson wrote most of her poems in a small room in her house.

“It was amazing to me to see just how affected she was by everything going on in her world at that time, there was so much grieving and so much loss.

Emily Dickinson wrote most of her poetry during the American Civil War (
Apple TV+)

“There was so much grief and they were just in this constant state of mourning, and she felt every bit of that pain.”

The season opens with a funeral for Mrs Dickinson’s (Jane Krakowski) sister, Aunt Lavinia (Jessica Hecht).

Emily’s brother Austin (Adrian Enscoe) is struggling in his marriage to Sue (Ella Hunt), who gives birth to their child which shifts Emisue’s (Emily and Sue’s fan-created ship name) relationship. Hailee explains why: “Sue doesn't necessarily see or understand why that should change anything but from Emily's perspective, there's someone else in Sue's life that comes before her and she doesn't want to stand in the way of that but she also can't stand to be away from Sue.”

Hailee also serves as an executive producer for the Peabody award winning series. The decision to end with Dickinson’s third season was made by creator Alena Smith, who always envisioned the cult series the end this way.

Emily and Sue's relationship will 'shift' in season 3 (
Apple TV+)

Hailee, who has starred in a host of Hollywood blockbusters including Transformers spin-off Bumblebee and Pitch Perfect 3, says the amalgamation of slapstick comedy, period drama and modern elements in Dickinson pushed her creatively. “I was constantly challenged by this character by this person by her poetry,” she says on what she’ll miss the most about playing Emily.

Hailee’s next project couldn’t be more different. She will next be seen in the Disney+ series Hawkeye alongside Jeremy Renner who played the titular character in the Avengers film series.

Hailee’s character Kate Bishop is a 22-year-old who becomes Hawkeye’s protegée after being spotted galavanting around New York City as an inexperienced, purple-clad archer. But to the surprise of some literature lovers and comic book super fans, there may actually be some similarities between Kate and Emily. 

Hailee says both Emily and Hawkeye's Kate Bishop are 'self-made' women (

“They're both two incredibly determined young women,” Hailee says. “They're both very passionate, they're both very driven. They're both self taught, Kate Bishop has completely taken it on herself to train herself physically and mentally, in so many different areas and with Emily. She took it upon herself to accomplish anything and everything she did in her life given she didn't have the resources or the support from those around her to do it any other way.”

Dickinson season 3 premiers 5th November on Apple TV+

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