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Fans Praise 'Phenomenal' New BBC Crime Drama Guilt

Fans Praise 'Phenomenal' New BBC Crime Drama Guilt

The second series of the critically-acclaimed drama has hit our screens.

As the nights get colder, we’ve really been spoiled for choice of TV dramas to get cosy to.

From Squid Game to Maid, Netflix has given us plenty to sink our teeth in to – but the BBC is also offering some unmissable drama.

The latest series to obsess over is Guilt, the second season of the Scottish crime drama.

Watch the video below.

Having aired on BBC Two on Thursday, fans have been thrilled to see the returning adventures of hapless Scottish brothers Max and Jake – who found themselves struggling to cover up accidentally running over and killing an elderly man on the streets of Edinburgh.

The second season sees Max leaving prison and trying to rebuild his life – but naturally, things aren’t quite that simple.

Max is trying to rebuild his life after prison (

We’re pleased to report that the second season of Guilt looks to be just as good as season one, with fans quick to praise the show as it returned to telly.

Taking to Twitter, one fan said: “#Guilt is quite simply the best TV drama of recent years. It's black, and menacing, it's surreal, and strangely humorous.

“And the acting is the best of the best.”

Guilt has been widely praised (

A second wrote: “The second season of Guilt is superb,” while a third said: “Brilliant acting and brilliant script.”

Meanwhile, other fans went as far to call the season two debut as “phenomenal.”

“So glad Guilt is back for a second season,” gushed one fan, as a second said: “#Guilt second series on BBC 2 is phenomenal. Where have I been?”

People have praised the drama (

Guilt stars Mark Bonnar, who plays ex-lawyer Max, who struggles to come to terms with how things change.

“Well, Max has changed significantly, in that he has seen things on the inside that have changed him as a person. I think he still has the same overall characteristics that he had before,” Bonnar explained in an interview about the new season. “I think his outlook is quite bleak to begin with but Max is a survivor, if anything else, and he is very clever and knows how to manipulate situations to his advantage so he wont be on his uppers forever.”

We can’t wait…

Guilt airs Thursdays at 9pm on BBC Two, or the entire boxset is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

Featured Image Credit: BBC Scotland

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