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GMB's Laura Tobin forced to tell man she's married as he won't leave her alone during broadcast

GMB's Laura Tobin forced to tell man she's married as he won't leave her alone during broadcast

The Good Morning Britain weather presenter had an awkward encounter with a fan live on air.

Good Morning Britain presenter Laura Tobin had an awkward encounter live on air when a keen fan tried to court her during her report.

The 41-year-old weather presenter was reporting on the Summer Solstice live from Stonehenge during Wednesday’s show (21 June). While chatting to presenters Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley back in the studio, a man appeared on camera and offered Laura a blanket and a cuddle.

“There are lots of people very interested in Laura’s weather forecast,” Susanna joked. “How many new friends have you made this morning Laura?’

Laura laughed it off and said she’s met ‘a lot of interesting friends’.

The man gave Laura a blanket.

Before she could complete her weather report, the man who was seemingly trying to shoot his shot and do a good deed appeared on camera and wrapped the ITV presenter in a foil blanket, assuming she was ‘cold’.

“Thank you so much,’ she laughed, as the overzealous fan smiled at the camera.

“That’s really helpful and kind of you,’ she continued.

The man took his one opportunity to flirt with Laura although it is unclear if he knew she was live on air. One thing’s for sure, he definitely didn’t know that she’s married.

“I really like your energy, you’re a really pretty lady, I just want to be part of the culture, and see the beauty, this energy, your entourage,” he said, with his arm wrapped around Laura.

“She’s married,” Susanna interrupted from the studio.

Mars eventually found out that Laura is married.

The man, who introduced himself as Mars, continued: That’s very helpful to know, the very question, do you have a boyfriend or not? Because if you are taken, it’s okay, yeah sure we can enjoy other vibes, flirting.”

He finally got the hint and when Laura continued with her report, he left her to it. “Shall I just get on telling people about Stonehenge?” she said.

“Basically the vibe here is very nice, there’s lots of very happy people, lots of energy.”

Laura shares six-year-old daughter Charlotte with husband Dean, with the couple tying the knot back in August 2010.

Laura and Dean met while attending the University of Reading, where she studied Physics and Meteorology. She also completed a World Meteorological Organisation course on climate.

She joined ITV’s early morning show Daybreak in 2012 before it rebranded to Good Morning Britain.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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