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GMB's Laura Tobin Embarrassed Over 'Fart' Slip-Up On Air

GMB's Laura Tobin Embarrassed Over 'Fart' Slip-Up On Air

She hoped nobody would notice!

Good Morning Britain presenter Laura Tobin has been left embarrassed after a slip up on air during the live show.

During a TV weather segment, the meteorologist told viewers to watch out for a "frosty fart" instead of a frosty start as the weather gets colder over the coming days.

Watch the video here:

The 40-year-old laughed off her mix up with hosts Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway as the pair teased her by replaying the clip.

It wasn't just Ben and Kate who teased Laura, as presenter Andi Peters joined in from where he's been filming in Phuket, Thailand. Ben laughed: "You need to be careful when saying Phuket, don't you, Andi?"

Laura hid her head in her hands as Ben and Kate teased her on air. (
ITV/Good Morning Britain)

The presenter's slip up immediately caught the attention of viewers who were quick to find the mistake funny. One user joked: "More weather from the frosty fart".

Another tweeted: "A frosty fart haha a definite change to the weather."

GMB viewers thought Laura recovered well. (
ITV/Good Morning Britain)

A third tweeted: "Have a great Friday/weekend everyone. It’s a “frosty fart start” according to @Lauratobin1 so be careful on them roads!"

One viewer even praised Laura for trying to regain her composure: "Frosty Fart Start! I think you held it together well."

After the show, Laura Tobin joked about her slip up as she tweeted: "Oops, I hoped no one would notice! A frosty fart!!"

Laura hoped nobody would notice her word mix up on air. (
Twitter/Laura Tobin)

This isn't the first time the brunette presenter has had a hilarious moment on live TV. Last year, Laura had a bizarre but funny moment on screen when a segment featuring her feeding sheep went awry. As Laura fed the sheep, she was knocked off her feet as the animals attempted to get closer to the feeds.

"I'm just riding a sheep, I'm so sorry that wasn't meant to happen" laughed Laura.

She added: "It just appeared between my legs, I was suddenly having a sheep ride, that is not part of the attractions here at the farm."

Well we'll look out for frosty starts/farts over the next few days!

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Good Morning Britain

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