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Does Georgia Hassarati Have A Boyfriend?

Does Georgia Hassarati Have A Boyfriend?

Good news, people. Too Hot To Handle has returned to Netflix, and TV fans are obsessed.

Good news, people. Too Hot To Handle has returned to Netflix, and TV fans are obsessed. 

The reality series features hot singles, who believe they’re on the show for a sexy holiday. They’re in for a huge shock when they find out that an AI will soon be swearing them into a promise in chastity, in an attempt to turn them away from mindless sexual endeavours and instead work on meaningful relationships with each other.

And in true competitive fashion, there’s a hefty cash price if they can stick to the rules, and if they don't, then the money pot depletes for everyone. Sounds simple, right? Better think again.

Warning: Too Hot To Handle Season 3 spoilers ahead

Does Georgia Hassarati have a boyfriend?

It’s not hard to believe that this 26-year-old midwife, who has been dubbed “Margot Robbie’s sister on social media, was pursued by four men on the show. But it might be a little difficult comprehending that this bombshell actually made it off the show single. 

The healthcare-professional-turned-influencer called things off with Stevan, Harry, Patrick and Gerrie (never settle, girls!), and made it to the series finale for her valiant demonstration of self-growth. 

But despite breaking so many hearts, and even more rules, Georgia is still thought to be single now. Instead, the midwife is working on her career as an influencer, working on sponsorships with fashion brands like House Of CB, Glassons and Sunday Society Club, and is also a full-time dog mum to “Sponge” who appears to be an adorable toy poodle.

Recently, the Too Hot To Handle golden girl told Capital FM all about when she first clocked that she was on the reality show.

“I had seen season one so as soon as I saw Lana I knew what show I was on, but before we found out I had no idea, they hid it so well,” she said to the radio station. 

“I think there was only one moment where I was like ‘could we be on Too Hot To Handle’? Because I saw some cups on the first night of the party that were the same ones they used in season one.

“[They were] these little, Moroccan kind of tumblers, and I remember thinking, ‘I’ve seen those on a TV show’, but that was the only moment,” she concluded.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram @georgiahassarati

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