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Friends fans think they've solved the mystery of who Phoebe Buffay's third bridesmaid is

Friends fans think they've solved the mystery of who Phoebe Buffay's third bridesmaid is

She talks about her all the time!!

Friends fans suspect that they know who Phoebe Buffay's third bridesmaid was on her wedding day, after spotting the mystery woman standing next to Rachel and Monica in the iconic episode.

Wait, you mean the main characters in Friends actually had other friends?!

Watch one fan explain here:

Most viewers admitted that, even after countless rewatches of the hit sitcom, they had never noticed Phoebe's third bridesmaid standing next to Monica and Rachel in the snow.

To be fair, with all the chaos of the blizzard, the feud between Ross and Chandler over who should get the final groomsman position, and the drama of Joey taking his 'father of the bride' role far too seriously, it's no wonder so many viewers missed it.

"I have literally watched Friends on repeat... how did I never notice this", commented one Friends fanatic.

"OMG am I the only one who has never noticed her in the thousands of times I've seen this show?" asked another.

TikTok creator Gregory J told his followers that, not only had he spotted the mystery bridesmaid, but he was convinced he knew who she was.

Did you notice Phoebe's third bridesmaid?
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Referring back to an earlier season of Friends, he suggested that the unidentified bridesmaid in the pink coat could be Phoebe's alleged roommate Denise.

In season six, when Rachel is looking for somewhere to stay after Monica and Chandler decide to move in together, Phoebe tells her that she has no room in her apartment because of Denise. Much like viewers, the were very confused, having never heard of Denise before even though Phoebe insists, "I talk about her all the time!"

But while many of Gregory's fellow TikTokers agreed that it could very well be Denise who was asked to be one of Phoebe's bridesmaids on her wedding day, others argued that there was a much more logical answer.

"Sorry to burst your bubble but it’s not Denise. It’s Mike’s sister," wrote one viewer.

Another commented: "I think it’s supposed to be Mike’s sister. Denise didn’t exist."

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Yes, many Friends fanatics are certain that there never was a Denise in the first place, and that she was just someone Phoebe made up to get out of different scenarios.

Although TikTok creator Gregory J seemed convinced that he might have gotten it wrong, and it really was Mike's sister standing beside Phoebe and Rachel, we can't confirm or deny this, as she never identifies herself, or says anything at all!

If we had to guess, though, we'd probably go with this TikToker, who asked: "Are you sure that’s not Regina Phalange?!?"

All ten seasons of Friends are available to stream on Netflix.

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