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Reboot of Michael Douglas film Fatal Attraction will look at affair from 'bunny boiler's' point of view

Reboot of Michael Douglas film Fatal Attraction will look at affair from 'bunny boiler's' point of view

A reboot based on the 1987 film Fatal Attraction will tell the story from a different character's point of view.

A reboot of the Michael Douglas film Fatal Attraction will tell the story of an affair from the 'bunny boiler's' point of view.

Fatal Attraction is an upcoming Paramount+ thriller series based on the 1987 film of the same name.

Michael Douglas starred opposite Glenn Close, and the film picked up six Oscar nominations including Best Picture.

The upcoming series is due for release in early 2023 - though no exact date has been given as of yet.

In the original film, Alex Forrest (Close) became known as the bunny boiler as she started an affair with New York lawyer Dan Gallagher (Douglas).

The new series is based on the 1980s film Fatal Attraction.
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And to avoid any spoilers, let's just say that Alex was not best pleased when Dan informed her that he wanted to call quits on their affair and stay with his wife.

When new series writer Alexandra Cunnigham was approached by Paramount+ to make the TV series (working with Kevin J. Hayes), she was a little unsure if she wanted to be involved.

But she did accept, and has been doing a lot of research of the original film since to make sure she gets the new series right.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Cunningham said: "I did a lot of reading about the film and Glenn Close talking about the empathy she had for Alex, and how she felt that Alex was out of control and obviously not evil, which I definitely agree with because I don't believe in evil.

"Glenn talked about how, when she was doing the character work on Alex, she brought the script to two different psychiatrists, and neither one of them brought up mental illness, because it was the '80s and nobody did that.

"She's become such a mental health advocate since then, and it makes me sad that she's said that she feels responsible for a lot of the stigma toward mental illness in pop culture because of her portrayal of Alex.

"She's also said that she felt that it would be interesting to literally tell the exact same story, but from Alex's point of view, and I kind of sparked to that."

Michael Douglas and Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction
Michael Douglas and Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction

As she was shifting the perspective from the original film, Cunningham had one actor in mind to play Alex - Lizzy Caplan.

Luckily for Cunnigham, it was an instant 'yes' from Caplan who was a big fan of the original film.

Caplan said: "In the film, Alex is the villain of the story, and Dan is the hero and there is no gray area.

"Now, audiences have changed so much, we are no longer primed to believe in this villainous woman story.

"She's clearly mentally ill and that's not something that is really touched upon at all in the movie."

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