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Stranger Things Fans Left Baffled By 'Missing Character' In New Series

Stranger Things Fans Left Baffled By 'Missing Character' In New Series

Kali was first introduced to the show in season two and is a fellow experiment of Dr Brenner like Eleven.

Stranger Things’ fourth season has taken Netflix viewers by storm since its release last week, but the absence of one character has got fans talking. 

The supernatural 1980s sci-fi show centres around a group of friends who investigate strange goings-on in their hometown of Hawkins, leading them to and from an alternate dimension called Upside Down.

Fans wasted no time in getting stuck into the latest offering, but it wasn't long before many noticed the absence of one particular character - Eleven's sister Kali.

Kali was first introduced to the show in season two and was a fellow experiment of Dr Brenner at Hawkins Lab like Eleven. 

However, she wasn't featured in any of the flashbacks this season.

One baffled Twitter user wrote: “Question: where was Kali in all these Hawkins Lab flashbacks??? Apart from the one where Eleven is playing with her while her mom is being dragged away. #StrangerThings no one’s noticed she’s missing??? Or did she escape by then? [sic]”

A second agreed, writing: “Number Eight, calling herself Kali, where was she in season 4 part 1? Am I missing something, or was she just straight up not killed? This seems weak.”

A third added: “I don't understand why Kali doesn't show up in any of the memory flashbacks with the other kids. Makes no sense.”

A fourth suggested: “Where is Kali/Eight, the sister of Eleven from previous season? Why was she missing from the flashbacks scenes in Season 4. [sic]”

The season is being released in two parts, with Volume 2 dropping on July 1, so it remains to be seen if Kali makes an appearance then.

If she doesn’t, perhaps the best explanation for her character’s absence, as suggested above, is that she escaped before Venca’s massacre. 

But even if this was the case, there are some who are insisting that Kali’s absence is a plot hole.

"I could not be the only one who expected Eight, the sister of Eleven from a previous season, to appear on Season 4. It seems a major plot hole to me," insisted another Twitter user. 

Kali did not appear in the third season of Stranger Things either.

The actress behind the character, Linnea Berthelsen, said prior to its release that she did not know if her character would be brought back. 

She told NME in 2017: “I have no idea, I’m really a big fan of Matt and Ross who create the show and I just really want to see what they do with this storyline. 

“If they’re gonna bring Kali back, I have no idea.”

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