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Everything I Know About Love Stars Discuss Whether There'll Be A Season 2

Everything I Know About Love Stars Discuss Whether There'll Be A Season 2

Fans are already asking for a Season 2

The telly adaption of Dolly Alderton's Everything I Know About Love dropped earlier this month - and viewers are already calling for a second season.

ICYMI, the eight-part BBC Three show tells the story of Maggie (Emma Appleton) - whose character is loosely based on Dolly herself - and Birdy (Bel Powley) who have been best mates since school.

You can watch the trailer below:

The pair have been pretty much inseparable for over a decade, heading to sixth form together, then university, and finally moving into a flat share in London with friends Nell (Marli Siu) and Amara (Aliyah Odoffin).

But their friendship becomes fragile when Birdy gets a boyfriend, and slowly starts to drift away from the group, eventually announcing she's moving out.

From landlord drama to awful dates, pre-drinks and walks of shame, the show chronicles the magic of female friendships in your twenties, and provides a huge dose of nostalgia in the form of 2012 Topshop throwbacks.

So it's no surprise that viewers have been left wanting more.


While another said: "Sobbing at the end of ep 7 of everything I know about love - now I need to reread the book!! I really hope there’s a second series."

And a third asked: "Is there going to be a season 2 of ‘Everything I know about love’?"

The show is an adaptation of the book by Dolly Alderton.

Well, it certainly sounds like the cast of the show would be up for getting involved in a second instalment. Chatting with Tyla, it was a resounding yes from Emma who plays Maggie and Aliyah who plays Amara.

When asked if a second season could be on the cards, Emma says: "I mean, I feel like we would all bite someone’s hand off to do it."

While Aliyah adds: "If there was that world, it would be a fun world." Meanwhile Dolly herself has previously said she would 'love' for the show to get a second season.

Emma and Aliyah explain they – along with Bel and Marli – have formed a pretty solid friendship group themselves since starring together on the show.

The focus on female friendships, sex and dating – and the fact that the series has four female leads – has led many fans have compared it to a younger, British version of Sex And The City.

The show tells the story of Maggie and Birdy.

Chatting to Tyla about how they feel about the comparisons, Aliyah says: "It's really interesting and fun because it is a female led show and so those comparisons are bound to happen.

"When you do have a group of women on screen you do just make comparisons because in our minds it happens so sparingly. I think it’s another form of excitement about things people have loved before."

Meanwhile Emma adds: "That was an inspiration for [Dolly] and it’s natural to have comparisons to the few shows that are just women. What a privilege to be in that world of those shows that have done so well and meant so much to people."

Emma's character, Maggie, is loosely based on Dolly.

Like Sex and the City, there are a number of sex scenes during the series, and the cast worked with an intimacy co-ordinator throughout - an addition Aliyah describes as 'pivotal'.

"I think with those scenes they can almost feel completely separate to everything else if you don’t have someone like an intimacy co-ordinator because having them made it feel like a dance routine," she says.

"Like a piece of dialogue but with your body, that made the story move along but in a different way. Having them there is a god send."

Meanwhile, Emma adds: "Having done jobs without an intimacy co ordinator and then doing one with one, I wouldn’t work without one again."

We've got everything crossed for a season 2 - come on guys, give the people what they want!

You can watch Everything I Know About Love on BBC iPlayer now.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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