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Emergency Launches On Channel 4 Tonight

Emergency Launches On Channel 4 Tonight

This documentary series is not one to miss!

A gripping new documentary series about the London Major Trauma System launches tonight on Channel 4 and it's not one to miss,

Watch the trailer below:

The London Major Trauma System was established after the catastrophic 2005 bombings in which Fifty two people died and 700 were injured.

The documentary series, which will air over four consecutive nights this week, will follow the London Major Trauma System's day-to-day work.

It's a unique look at the interconnected network of 39 hospitals, air ambulances and paramedics that provide a lifeline for 10 million people in London and the South-East. 

The system that has improved the chances of survival for major trauma patients by 50 per cent.  

The London Major Trauma System was set up after the London bombings in 2005 (
Channel 4)

At the heart of each region is a Major Trauma Centre: Kings, St George’s, St Mary’s and The Royal London that treat the most severely injured. 

These hospitals are the most advanced hospitals of their kind and have 24 hour consultant led care and all the acute medical specialties in the same location.

 Around each Major Trauma Centre are a number of satellite hospitals called Trauma Units such as William Harvey in Ashford, Kent. They’re the first port of call for local trauma patients but if they’re too severely injured they transfer them to King’s in London as that’s the Major Trauma Centre in their network.  

The documentary will air over four consecutive nights (
Channel 4)

The documentary series was filmed during the busiest month of summer last year and viewers will be at the edge of their seats and they watch the minute-by-minute decisions made by top medics.

Stabbings, motorbike crashes, car accidents to someone falling off a cliff, medics have to make incredible tough decisions to save the most severely injured patients and these are just some of the examples captured in the show.

The series was filmed last summer (
Channel 4)

From first response to A&E, from complex surgery to painstaking rehabilitation, Channel 4 says the series “celebrates” this life-saving system.

Channel 4 filmed patients throughout the trauma pathway. From roadside critical interventions, through resus to ICU, from surgery to rehabilitation to “reflect the variety of specialist treatment that went into saving patients' lives and putting them back together again.”

If you're a avid viewer of Channel 4's 999: On the Front Line this is not a show to miss!

Emergency airs Monday 28th February - Thursday 3rd March at 9pm on Channel 4.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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