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Viewers are saying new Netflix reality TV show set in Dubai is so bad it’s good

Viewers are saying new Netflix reality TV show set in Dubai is so bad it’s good

That's exactly what we like to hear.

If you're looking for a trashy new TV show to watch, Netflix viewers say to look no further than brand new reality series Dubai Bling.

Serving up everything from juicy drama and high-flying careers to spectacular events and magnificent outfits, this series might just be your next binge-watch.

Check out the trailer for yourself and see what I mean:

A Netflix description of the reality series reads: "Nowhere says glamour like Dubai!

"Meet the local residents for whom bling is the everyday - and who can fall out over carats as much as diamonds.

"When 1 in 100 residents is a millionaire, they all want to reach the highest level of the ladder...

"In this ensemble cast reality-docusoap, this is where competition rises and problems hit. Drama and tension galore!"

Providing a blend of Real Housewives and Bling Empire, Dubai Bling sounds like the perfect watch for any reality TV fan.

The series includes some of the most elite people in the UAE, like widow Lojain 'LJ' Adada, who inherited an estimated $3.8 million when her late husband died.

At age 25, LJ married 60-year-old Walid Juffali, but the billionaire passed away in 2016.

And there's luxury real estate CEO Zeina Khoury, who also goes by the nickname 'The Queen of Versace' after working on the Versace Palazzo Dubai.

You can watch Dubai Bling on Netflix now.

While there are definitely plenty of glamorous moments on the show, from the swankiest cars to the most private parties, the cringe levels really are through the roof.

The first season of the reality series dropped on Netflix just last week and already, people are loving it - or loving how much they hate it, rather.

"Dubai Bling is great trash tv", tweeted one fan after giving the new show a whirl.

"Dubai Bling is the exact kind of rubbish I need to watch today," raved a second.


A third commented: "30 minutes in and I am hooked on Dubai Bling."

"Bling Dubai is so bad but amazing I’m obsessed," added a fourth.


"Bling Dubai is so good I love watching rich people drama," penned a fifth.


So if you're a fan of watching the filthy rich embarrass themselves on TV while you drool over their outfits and private jets, this really does sound like the perfect show - especially while we're waiting for the likes of Selling Sunset to return!

Luck for you, you can catch the first season of Dubai Bling on Netflix now!

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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