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Encanto Fan Theory Explains Why Mirabel Does Not Get Any Gifts

Encanto Fan Theory Explains Why Mirabel Does Not Get Any Gifts

This is sort of devastating...

Fans of the latest hit Disney film Encanto might just have cracked why Mirabel is the only member of her family without a special gift.

Watch the trailer for the Disney animation here:

If you've seen the film, you'll know that it follows the Mardigals - a family who live in a beautiful house called Casa Madrigal.

Each Madrigal child has been gifted with a magical power - except for Mirabel.

While Mirabel does manage to save the day in the end - with no superpowers necessary - it's never explained exactly why she was born without a gift.

But Disney superfans have created their own theories to the bottom of the mystery and one fan of the film thinks they might have cracked it, too.


While the matriarch of the family, Abuela, has no magical gift herself, she takes charge of the magical candle that gives the other family members their powers.

But one Reddit user who posts with the username @Ok_Friendship_2065 thinks that Abuela did get a gift after all - to distribute the other family's magic powers.

For example, the fan suggests that Mirabel's mother Julieta has the power to heal because, as the oldest daughter, she was likely Abuela's "little helper" as a child.

Meanwhile, the third triplet Pepa has "a mood that could change as fast as the weather," and the power to conjure up anything from strong tornados to bright beautiful sunshine.

Similarly, Camilo has the ability to shapeshift.


So the theory is that each family member's special power is linked to one of their most notable traits - picked out by Abuela.

That would suggest that Mirabel didn't end up with any special gifts because Abuela felt there was nothing particularly special about Mirabel.

The Encanto fan wrote: "I don’t think Abuela was fully aware of her power over this, but as time went on her focus on the gifts became more focused on how best to help the community. 

"Mirabel might not have shown any strong inclinations, so Abuela was unsure. Thus Mirabel didn’t receive a power."

This does make perfect sense, but ouch!

Encanto became a huge success after it arrived on Disney+ over the Christmas holidays, and quickly became one of the highest grossing films of the season.

Its chart-topping song We Don't Talk About Bruno did so well that it managed to surpass Frozen's Let It Go as Disney's highest-charting song on the UK singles chart - something we thought we would never see.

You can stream Encanto on Disney+

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