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People ‘fear for humanity’ without David Attenborough as heartwarming video is shared for his 97th birthday

People ‘fear for humanity’ without David Attenborough as heartwarming video is shared for his 97th birthday

David Attenborough turns 97 today, and the BBC have shared a heartwarming video to celebrate him.

The man, the myth, the legend that is Sir David Attenborough turns 97 today (8 May), with many wishing the legendary presenter well on his big day.

The day that Sir David is not longer with us will be a very sad one due to all his work on climate change and his charming and endearing screen presence.

What is truly remarkable is that Sir David seems no closer to retirement at the ripe age of 97, with his latest show Wild Isles showcasing wildlife in their natural habitats in the Great Britain and Ireland.

Of course, Attenborough is a key figure in the fight against the climate crisis, with him taking part in many ventures in recent years to help tackle the growing problem.

As a result, some people 'fear for humanity' without Sir David being on our screens.

That comment came underneath the post by the BBC who wished Sir David many happy returns on his 97th birthday.

Captioning the post, the BBC social channels wrote: "Happy 97th Birthday, Sir David! #DavidAttenboroughsBirthday #DavidAttenborough #iPlayer."

The BBC has marked the broadcaster's birthday with a special video.

But accompanying that was a heartwarming video, which showcased 97 moments from Attenborough's TV career.

The just short of two-minute video was truly special, as it went through the years with David bouncing between habitats and countries doing what he loves most.

The footage went from black-and-white to full colour, really showing how long David has been documenting the natural world.

Many fans have flocked to the comment section of the tweet to discuss the legendary broadcaster.

"Amazing man. Happy Birthday Sir David Attenborough," one person wrote.

"Wonderful man - Happy Birthday Sir David," a second remarked.

But while today is supposed to be a day of celebration, one Twitter user feared for the future without him.

"This man needs to live forever. I fear for humanity without him," the fan wrote.

People 'fear for humanity' without Sir David.

David knowns there is a real climate emergency, and he'll be hoping someone else will be holding the baton once he is no longer with us.

Speaking at COP26 in 2021, he said: "Everything we have achieved in the last 10,000 years has been enabled because of the [climate] stability during this time.

"The global temperature has not wavered over this period by more than either plus or minus one degree celsius – until now

"We are already in trouble. The stability we all depend on is breaking."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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