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Love Island Fans Feel 'Betrayed' By Dami

Love Island Fans Feel 'Betrayed' By Dami

Viewers were hurt after Sunday evening's events.

It was a chaotic night in Love Island on Sunday evening, as the islanders welcomed new boys and girls in both the main villa and Casa Amor.

But viewers were particularly shaken by one person in particular - Dami Hope, who is currently coupled up with Indiyah Pollock.

You can watch a clip below:

Despite most of the boys spending the evening before pining for the girls and looking through their camera roll of photos, the majority of them seemed open to getting to know the new girls who entered the main villa.

And in a preview for Monday (4 July) evening's episode, Summer can be seen leaning in to kiss Dami, while Andrew appears to go in for a kiss with Coco.

And viewers at home are gutted with Dami especially, with one person writing on Twitter: "I don't even want to THINK about Love Island right now, Dami got me pi**ed off and I haven't even seen the episode yet."

While another said: "Dami! Your a liar! An actress! And you should GETTHEF**KOUT."

Viewers are not impressed with Dami.

And a third added: "How did Dami fold in less than 24 hours he really played my girl Indiyah."

Meanwhile a fourth wrote: "Feel Betrayed she deserves so much better."

Others are hoping that Dami either pulls away at the last moment, or that the kiss is part of a challenge.

"Guys Dami and Andrew both on the same terrace for those kisses. It’s so soon etc etc. it’s 100% a challenge. Dami has been weird this episode but he’s not that crazy I’m sure," one person wrote.


Some wondered if the kiss was part of a challenge.

But other eagle-eyed viewers are adamant the kisses couldn't have been part of a challenge, as they took place at night, and not during the daytime.

"The challenge was during the day, Dami and Andrew’s kisses were at night. Therefore, kisses weren’t during the challenge and were most likely legit," one viewer theorised.

Elsewhere in Sunday's episode, the girls could be seen getting to know the new boys in Casa Amor, with all of the islanders choosing to share a bed with the new lads.

Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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