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Chilling New True Crime On Murder Of Meredith Kercher Is Coming To The UK Next Month

Chilling New True Crime On Murder Of Meredith Kercher Is Coming To The UK Next Month

It will feature new footage of Rudy Guede, who was ultimately convicted of the murder.

Back in 2007, the brutal murder of Meredith Kercher, 21, in Italy dominated headlines.

The notorious case resulted in Kercher's roommate Amanda Knox and her boyfriend Raffale Sollecitoa being imprisoned in Italy for almost four years after being charged with murder based on dubious DNA evidence.

The pair were later acquitted, then found guilty again before finally being found not guilty in 2015 after two appeal court trials and two Supreme Court decisions.

Rudy Guede, 34, was eventually convicted for Kercher's murder and imprisoned for 13 years.

Now, a new documentary on Paramount+ will provide new insight into the crime.

Titled Who Killed Meredith Kercher?, the two-part miniseries will drop on 25 August.

Amanda Knox spent almost four years an Italian prison before being acquitted of the murder.
WENN Rights Ltd/Alamy Stock Photo

The documentary's synopsis reads: "On the morning of November 1 2007, in a small cramped flat in the medieval city of Perugia, British student Meredith Kercher's body was found beneath a duvet on her bedroom floor.

"Meredith's flatmate had no idea that in just a few days her horrific murder would become a worldwide tabloid sensation, and would turn into one of the most controversial trials in history.

"It became a story with characters who fascinated the media: Amanda Knox - aka 'Foxy Knoxy' - a larger than life American, whose allegedly strange behaviour while awaiting trial became the stuff of social media speculation; Raffaele Sollectio - the shy student who fell madly in love with Knox in the seven days before the murder, and Patrick Lumumba - the local bar owner whose name suddenly appeared in Knox's so called 'confession' to Italian police - who was quickly cleared of any involvement."

Meredith was studying European politics and Italian.
Alamy / British News Service

The synopsis continues: "It is a murder which is still debated to this day. This two-part series will recall the investigation, the subsequent media circus and the strongly contested multiple trials that unravelled over eight years.

"The episodes will examine all of the evidence found in the flat and explore the circumstances that allowed the prime suspect to slip through net."

Some of the new features of the documentary include new footage of Guede, who was released from jail last year after his sentence was cut from 30 years to 16, with him only serving 13 years behind bars.

Despite all DNA evidence pointing to him, Guede maintains that he is innocent and that Knox was actually responsible.

The new documentary will be consist of two parts, both 90 minutes long.

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