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Bridgerton Fans Convinced Anthony Reveals How Many Children He'll Share With Kate

Bridgerton Fans Convinced Anthony Reveals How Many Children He'll Share With Kate

Could this have been a major clue?

Bridgerton fans are convinced that Anthony Bridgerton gives away a clue as to how many children he will share with Kate.

Fans of the show spotted one specific scene, after Kate has recovered from her horse-riding accident - and they're adamant it's a nod to what's to come for the pair.

Fans of the show have found many easter eggs and secret meanings in the new season (

At the end of the season, when Anthony and Kate meet at the ball, Anthony, checking that she has recovered from her injury, holds up his fingers and asks Kate how many she sees.

He cheekily switches from three to four as she answers, a move fans think is indicative of how many children the couple will have together.

We know from the books that Kate and Anthony have four children, the eldest is named after Anthony's father who died, Edmund.

Fans are obsessed with the cute moment (

And Jonathan Bailey (who plays Anthony) has recently spoken out about the scene during an interview with Harper's Bazaar.

When asked whether the scene was intentional to match the number of children they will have, he said: "Yeah, of course. But maybe it’s the number of seasons that they’ll be in. You never know! We’ll have to wait and see."


Either way, fans are obsessed, with one reacting: "I’m SCREAMING."

While another tweeted: "Purposefully alluding to the number of their kids in such a cute way was literally the most precious kate/anthony easter egg S2 gave us."

The second season follows Kate and Anthony (

And a third added: "Was it intentional for the number of fingers to match the number of kids Kate & Anthony will have?

"Jonny: 'Yeah, of course. But maybe it's the number of seasons that they'll be in. We'll have to wait and see'. Better be about the children not the seasons!"

We can't wait to find out! You can watch both seasons of Bridgerton on Netflix now. Meanwhile, seasons three and four have already been announced.

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